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New Madrid Fault update

May 31, 2011


"If you are in the New Madrid fault line areas in Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, or Tennessee, be on the look out forglowing clouds, which are a signal of HAARP energy coming through the clouds and being directed into a particular location.

"There is now strong evidence coming from the HAARP induction magnetometer that shows several distinct beams which are being transmitted into the region on full blast....

"If this attempt is successful, very soon we will see a tremendous earthquake, and it's self evident that it will be in the New Madrid fault line area."

My Comment:

Please stand with us in prayer. We are standing by faith against the destroyers of the earth who make decisions about how to use the HAARP technology. They are apparently using it to try to cause a large earthquake in the central Mississippi River valley. The report above was published on May 19. I did the initial scouting and prayer work from May 4-11, and then later a larger group formally presented the case to the Divine Court on May 21.

It appears that someone wants to set off the quake while the river is flooded. This would cause much greater devastation than at other times of the year.

A simple prayer will do. Just tell God that you stand in agreement with us in this matter of the New Madrid earthquake.


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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