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IMF Chief was a Socialist

May 16, 2011

Many people think that Socialism (Communism) is antagonistic to Capitalism. This is not true. Socialism is the path to Communism, and hence the "Russian Revolution" established the USSR (Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics).

Those who have studied the situation understand that Communism was financed by the big banks in New York and other places. Socialism is the creation of the big international bankers, even if they put on a show of opposition.

Take note that the head of the IMF was going to run for president of France as a Socialist:


The arrest could throw the long-divided Socialists back into disarray about who they could present as Sarkozy's opponent. Even some of his adversaries were stunned.

Mr. Kahn follows a long line of Socialists, beginning with Karl Heinrich Mordecai Levy (aka Karl Marx).

This sounds to me like a "Kahn job."

As for timing, this took place yesterday, May 15. Since we are dealing with the time of the Second Passover (May 18) and the wave-sheaf offering (May 22), we could take this parallel one step further: May 15 was a type of Palm Sunday when Jesus cast out the money-changers from the temple (Matt. 21:12).

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