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George Green interview and my comment

May 14, 2011


George was an insider in the financial and political realm in the 1970's. He knew many heads of state and other top government officials. He says that their plan is to kill off all but about 500 million people, because they believe the earth is overpopulated.

Of interest to me is that they plan to do it through World War III, which (he says) will begin with a neutron bomb on the Israeli state. He says this at about 2:30 into the video.

Their plan was supposed to be implemented by the year 2000. Obviously, that has been delayed, but it makes me wonder if perhaps Ariel Sharon's visit to the temple mount in September of 2000 was a failed attempt to spark that war.

At any rate, our Jubilee Prayer Campaign, beginning in November of 1993, was when we engaged in spiritual warfare and intercession to mess up their plans. It was God's people fighting back in order to overthrow the power of these evil rulers of Mystery Babylon.

Prior to 1993, during the Age of Pentecost, the Church had the calling (and spiritual power) to establish the Kingdom and to overthrow these evil ones. But because of Church corruption (as with King Saul), they became captives of Babylon and proved incapable of fulfilling their call.

In 1993 that all changed with the 40th Jubilee of the Church under Pentecost. The 40 "years" of King Saul had run their course, and the overcomers ("David") began to be raised up to succeed where the Church had failed. This prayer campaign ran 13 years to October 2006. I believe that God will still use these evil men to nuke Jerusalem and to destroy the Israeli state, but their overall plan will fail. They have not taken into account the rise of the Sons of God and the glory that is to be seen in them.

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