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DinarTrade ceases sale of Iraqi dinars

May 05, 2011

I have been on the road the past few days, so I am behind on the news. However, I was informed today that DinarTrade is "temporarily" ceasing its sale of Iraqi dinars.


They have been the largest dinar dealer by far in America. I do not know exactly what this means, but it does bring some speculations to mind. There are many who believe that the revaluation is near at hand. The Central Bank of Iraq has normally been selling $150 million worth of dinars or more each day they sell them, but in the past week this has been reduced to $25-50 million. The latest auction was under $15 million.

At any rate, there are some unusual things going on in the market, which could indicate that the Iraqi dinar might be revalued soon and that it would then immediately be traded on the Forex in the international currency market. In my view, the month of May is a "high probability" time, particularly around the time of the Second Passover.

If you wish to purchase dinars, brother Vinnie has them. His supplier will continue to supply him until May 16. You may order them by calling him at:


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