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Dinar Orders this week

May 25, 2011

Here is an email from Brother Vinnie in regard to ordering dinars this week. If you intend to place an order, you must do so right away. He will sell what he has on hand because he still can still restock his own supply before the week end.

Reminder: be responsible as usual. Do not purchase beyond your level of faith, nor purchase more than you can afford if the revaluation takes longer than expected. If your purchase makes you fearful, you have probably bought too much. Be led by the Spirit, walk always in faith.

Hello Dinar Family,

I appreciate all of your orders.  This has been the busiest week with all of the expectancy of the upcoming dates.  

If you would like to order, I am requesting that funds be in my hand or in my account by Thursday.  They need a day to clear so I can re order.  I have some stock, but I will need to replenish as the orders are abundant.

Please do NOT procrastinate if you want to purchase.  Hear clearly then pull the trigger.   My number is: 850-255-1000.



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