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Another bin Laden skeptic has his say

May 02, 2011


Other Muslims killed by the Americans and their allies were not buried immediately. For instance, the sons of Saddam Hussein. Their corpses were held for a while, in order to confirm that they were indeed the intended targets. 

But Osama Bin Laden? Killed and buried at sea in record time—even though there hadn’t been a confirmed sighting of him in something like eleven years. 

Pictures of Bin Laden’s corpse? None. Nor have there been any pictures of this “burial at sea”. There’ve been plenty of video of where Bin Laden was killed—but none (so far) of the actual corpse.

In fact aside from the word of the American defense and intelligence establishment, there hasn’t been a shred of evidence that they did in fact kill him. 

All we have is the official word of the American defense and intelligence establishments. 

Mm-hmm. Because they’ve always been so trustworthy. 

Our skepticism may, in time, prove to be unfounded. But because it has been too long (if ever) than an American President has be scrupulous with the Truth, they will have to provide more evidence than their word. Their word carries little weight with us. We must have verification. And the problem even with verification is that the government has the technology, the means, and the motive to manufacture evidence to its own liking.

This is unfortunate, but whoever made the strategic decisions long ago that lying was an acceptable and virtuous policy of government must also be willing to tolerate the skepticism of those who have been lied to time after time.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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