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Apr 19, 2011

The Passover season is a time to watch in relation to the 9th sign of Elisha that is described in 2 Kings 4:42-44.

If you have followed the progression of the Elisha signs, you know that these began with the declaration of the Elisha Ministry on April 12, 2009. We then saw the first 8 signs of Elisha occur in succession until July 9-15, 2010. That was when we saw the 8th sign take place in conjunction with the Gulf oil spill.

We have been looking for the 9th sign ever since then. At the time, I had hoped that we would not have to wait until Passover to see the 9th sign fulfilled. Such a lengthy wait seemed improbable last July, but here we are--and still no sign.

The 9th sign is about Provision in order to do the mission work of the 10th sign.

The 9th sign took place at the time of the wave-sheaf offering, because it involved the first fruits of the barley that a man gave to the prophet, by which he fed 100 men supernaturally (and still had food left over).

So the first time to watch is this coming Sunday, April 24, which is the equivalent day of barley first fruits this year in 2011.

A second possibility would be May 22, which is the first Sunday after the Second Passover.

Either way, these are watch dates in regard to the 9th sign, and it begins the second half of the 16 miracle-signs of Elisha. In other words, it kicks off the "double portion," which speaks also of the Inheritance.

The New Testament equivalent story is found in John 6, where Jesus fed the 5,000 with 5 barley loaves and 2 fish. John 6:4 says,

"And the passover, a feast of the Jews was nigh."

Because He multiplied the barley bread, it was the time of the wave-sheaf offering, the same day on which He would later rise from the dead and be presented to the Father at the third hour of the day when the high priest waved the sheaf of barley in the temple.

So we are looking at a possible multiplication of the "bread" this Sunday. In John 6:7 Philip mentions that 200 denarii would be insufficient to feed all of those people. Today the word comes down to us as the dinars. The same word in the New Testament is translated "penny" and "pence."

I am writing this from PENCE-acola, Florida, where I am having meetings at Brother Vinnie's house. Tonight is our last meeting before we begin heading toward Manassas, VA.

Vinnie's phone will be turned off during our meeting tonight, so if you plan to call him to purchase dinars, you will have to leave a message or wait until tomorrow. (850-255-1000)

The 10th sign of Elisha is about the healing of Naaman the Syrian, who came to Elisha to be healed of leprosy. This speaks of the gospel of the Kingdom (going from mortality to immortality). It is going beyond borders to other nations ("Syria").

The 11th sign is closely connected to it. It tells how Elisha's servant, Gehazi, objected to the fact that Elisha provided healing to Naaman free of charge. He decided to run after Naaman and request payment for services rendered. He got the money, but he also got Naaman's leprosy.

This sign is about testing the hearts of the people to see if they have the love of money. I suspect that there will be many Christians who will fail this test.

It is similar to that first Passover season when Israel came out of Egypt with the wealth of Egypt in their possession. The majority of them used that money to build a golden calf. Some used it to build the vessels (ministries) of the tabernacle.

The Gehazi factor is a sobering reality. My suggestion is to pray and meditate upon it and be led by the Spirit.

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