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Silver as a Prophetic Barometer

Apr 20, 2011

Just a quick thought before we get on the road. . .

We know from Daniel 2 that the arms of silver conquer the head of gold. While this prophecy deals primarily with nations, it is expressed in terms of metals.

With the price of silver shooting past $44 today already, it looks like it is heading toward $49 or $50 soon, which are the numbers of the Jubilee. For a long time, I have looked at $50 silver as a benchmark for something important.

It occurred to me yesterday that the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar may well occur about the same time that silver hits $50. Silver is already doing some dramatic things in the past two weeks, going up about $10 per ounce. If this continues and increases its dramatic rise, it could actually hit $50 by the end of this week.

That, of course, would be a major jump, and few would give it much chance. From a natural standpoint, the odds are better that it would need another month to do this, say, by the time of the Second Passover in mid-May. But it is worth watching closely, because it may well be the prophetic barometer that gives timing to the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. If silver suffers a price correction this week, then it is more likely that we are looking at the time of the Second Passover.

To monitor the price of silver, go to:




and click on "all metal quotes" at the top of the page.

Gold is also up over $1500 today. The price ratio between gold and silver is 1:33.56, making me wonder if perhaps we might see it reflect the age of Jesus when He was crucified at Passover. That would be 33.5. It is uncanny that these numbers would pop up right now at Passover. Silver has risen faster than gold for a long time now. At one time the price ratio was about 80:1. Just a few months ago it was at 60:1, and I have been watching it drop to 50:1, then 40:1, and look at it now.

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