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Report from Christchurch

Apr 01, 2011

Here is an email from a Christchurch resident who shares something about the Feb. 22 quake there. He recently had moved to the area that was least affected by the quake.

No buildings in the world have ever had the forces put on them by Christchurch quake on the 22 Feb they were subjected to more than 2 g of force this was more than the buildings in Japan suffered. The worst affected areas is the eastern side and the central city where 
liquefaction was a major problem because  of being built on sand however the south eastern side which is on the Port Hills over looking Christchurch and is the home of the new rich (mainly through finance) is built on rock. These are, $1,000,000 properties plus and most of these homes were wrecked 25 homes out of 26 on Monks Spur Rd alone. Maybe their rock was the finance system.

Another remarkable fact is the rocks which crashed onto the houses below some were 40 tonnes in weight and were estimated to have been thrown 20 metres into the air before their journey started. What terrified the residents the most was that they could hear the rocks on each aftershock being thrown into the air the sound was like a loud explosion then the rumble as their journey started. Unfortunately several people were killed by these.

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