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Japan Elevates Nuclear Crisis to level of Chernobyl

Apr 12, 2011


TOKYO -- Japan raised the crisis level at its crippled nuclear plant Tuesday to a severity on par with the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, citing high overall radiation leaks that have contaminated the air, tap water, vegetables and seawater.

Japanese nuclear regulators said they raised the rating from 5 to 7 -- the highest level on an international scale of nuclear accidents overseen by the International Atomic Energy Agency -- after new assessments of radiation leaks from the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant since it was disabled by the March 11 tsunami.

Up to this point, the Chernobyl disaster has been the only nuclear incident to be rated a "7". Now the Fukushima plant in Japan is the second in history.

I would guess that means they are admitting a meltdown. They still have not had a significant explosion that would put high levels of radioactive material into the atmosphere, but there is certainly low levels of radioactivity being spread around the globe already.

Those living on the West Coast, particularly Oregon and Washington are the first to be affected by higher than normal levels of radioactivity. Though the radioactive levels are higher than normal, however, keep in mind that these levels are still far exceeded by "normal" radiation that we are exposed to on a daily basis anyway. So while no radiation is good for us, and we should take some precautions, no one has to head for the bunkers.

As for taking iodine, the levels of radiation are not high enough to warrant taking saturation doses of Potassium Iodate at this point. But it would be a good idea to take some kind of iodine supplementation for general health purposes. Iodine is needed by the body, and many of us do not get enough of it in our diets anyway. Your state of health will help determine how well your body can naturally fight off the effects of low-level radiation.

Stay in touch with the news. I know that the government is often reluctant to "cause a panic" by telling people the truth. I am among those wishing that the government had a better record of truth-telling. It is in times like this that we wish we could trust government reports. Unfortunately, they squandered their reputation a long time ago.

On the other hand, some internet sources go the other way, because they make their money on fearmongering and sensationalism. Be cautious about those sources, too. The ideal would be for you to have your own geiger counter to measure levels of radiation in your own area. (You might want to make friends with a local "conspiracy theorist" who has one.)

Prophetic Significance

The timing of this announcement is interesting. Recall that the Chernobyl disaster is dated April 26, 1986.


Today is 414 x 22 days from the day Chernobyl melted down (reckoned inclusively).

That is an interesting combination of numbers. It is "Cursed Time" (414), multiplied by 22 ("Sons of Light"). As with so many disasters, it is "bad news" from an earthly standpoint, but "good news" from God's point of view. In that way, it is similar to the 911 Twin Towers disaster. Recall that 911 is the numeric value of GRACE.

The disaster in Japan, if you recall, occurred simultaneously with our "Quail and Manna" conference in San Francisco. It was really about seeing the glory of God through the earlier revelation, "San Francisco on Fire." The nuclear incident in Japan was the physical sign of the fire of God and the tsunami of the Holy Spirit that is coming.

So if we connect the dots a month later now, Japanese authorities are just now raising the threat level to the level of Chernobyl precisely 414 x 22 days after the Chernobyl disaster.

So while the situation is indeed serious from an earthly perspective, our faith is in God, knowing that He has not lost control of His creation. He has a plan that is unchanging, and the end result will be the full emergence of His Kingdom on the earth.

So look up, for your redemption is drawing near.

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