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Fulford: White Dragons seek a Jubilee

Apr 11, 2011

Ben Fulford reports today:

This weekend a French agent was sent by George Soros, French President Nicholas Sarkozy and other senior Zionists to negotiate with the White Dragon Society. The talks, which lasted for two days, were inconclusive. However, the agent made it clear the European branch of the Zionists truly feared a collapse of the Euro, while their American counterparts are finally beginning to realize they might actually end up in jail. At the same time, their attitude was so haughty it made arrogance seem like a form of humility. They also made many threats but the fact is that they are running scared and they are running out of time....

The negotiations took place at the same time as George Soros gathered a bunch of the same old Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg hacks for a “Bretton Woods II” conference that was largely ignored. It was largely ignored because this group has proven, with their rapacious actions over the past few decades, that they are not qualified to run the international financial system....

The military allies of the White Dragon Society, for their part, are seriously considering putting the 1 million or so American Satanists into the Fema camps that were being prepared for American Christians....

The White Dragon Society and its allies have made certain conditions very clear. First of all a major campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction needs to be fully and immediately financed. Second, the monopoly over the creation and secret distribution of fiat currency by an inbred, self-selected elite, had to end. Third, the world needs a South African style truth and reconciliation commission in order to put an end to the fabric of lies that has been woven around much of humanity. Only then will amnesty be granted and a jubilee (the one-off elimination of all debts both public and private) take place.


[NOTE: Fulford was, until a few years ago, a foreign correspondent for Forbes Magazine. He lives in Japan and represents The White Dragon Society, which is an alliance of various powerful secret societies going back many centuries.]

Well, well. . . The White Dragons of Japan are calling for a Jubilee. It seems as if everyone is getting on the Jubilee bandwagon. The Jubilee was decreed in the Divine Court on Sept. 23, 1996. We had to fight for it in spiritual warfare for another ten years to Oct. 7, 2006, when the Jubilee was fully established and the collapse of the Babylonian financial system was assured.

It reminds me of March 20, 2001, when we were told to start praying "God Bless America." Within six months (after 911) everyone was praying and singing that prayer, even Congress and Sir Greenspan himself.

It shows that the world is now following the decrees of the Overcomers, who are steadily changing the conditions in the heavens, so that the world may bear witness and comply with their decrees. They do so without realizing it, of course, but it has always been this way.

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