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Fulford negotiation with Illuminati representative, Prince Zagami

Apr 09, 2011


This is an interesting short video clip of a discussion between Benjamin Fulford and Prince Zagami, designed to form an alliance between certain "dragon" families of the East and the "good factions" in the Illuminati of the West.

They have come together to form an alliance against the dark side that desires to perpetuate wars and ultimately to kill off billions of people.

Take note that Prince Zagami not only admits that there IS such a thing as the Illuminati, but he also claims to be a reformer within its ranks. He says the Satanists within the Illuminati are now going to be isolated and removed from power with the help of the dragon families of the East.

Whatever a person believes, it represents a power struggle within Mystery Babylon itself. In fact, Zagami agrees that the Illuminati has to stop being so secretive. Fulford insists that there be no more secret organizations, but that the solution must include openness.

"Mystery" Babylon is no longer going to be a mystery. In my view, Mystery Babylon cannot survive in its historic and prophetic form without secrecy, because that is what the term "mystery" means. Once it is out in the open for all to see, then the mystery men are made accountable for their actions. The children of the dark cannot stand the light, because the light exposes that which they must keep secret in order to survive.

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