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Watch Dates March 22-24

Mar 21, 2011

It is time to re-evaluate where we are in terms of the prayer battles conducted ten years ago. Recall that in 2001 we were in spiritual warfare at this time. This round of warfare had three battles.

The first was Feb. 26-28, 2001, which overthrew Beelzebub and the Prince of Revenge. As they were overthrown, the Prince of Revenge set off a 6.8 Richter earthquake in Seattle on Feb. 28.

The second battle was March 8-9 (24 hours) against the Prince of Usury, resulting in a 1600-point collapse (20%) of the Dow. The collapse turned around the very minute that we began our third and final battle against the last four princes ruling America. It began on March 22 at 1:47 p.m. and ended March 24 at 1:47 p.m.

The Red Dragon was overthrown and replaced by the Spirit of Maturity.

The Prince of Counterfeit was overthrown and replaced by the Spirit of Temperance.

The Prince of Slavery was overthrown and replaced by the Spirit of Responsibility.

The Prince of Influence was overthrown and replaced by the Spirit of Faithfulness.

So ended the battles to overthrow the seven princes over America, who (collectively) represented the power of the Golden Calf set up by Jeroboam in 1 Kings 12:28. These idols were the cause of Israel's captivity and deportation to Assyria (745-721 B.C.), where they continued to be ruled by those spirits throughout the length of their captivity. No one thought to overthrow them until we received this revelation in 2001.

Tomorrow is March 22, and it has been ten years since the start of that third prayer battle. In 2001 we saw the Dow turn around at precisely 1:47 p.m. when the battle began. Because the Dow was affected from March 9-22, 2001, it suggests that something was occurring between the second and third battle. Exactly what was happening is not clear, as we never received any specific revelation about this. But our present question is in observing the effects of that time in 2011.

It would appear that the 9 Richter quake in Japan on March 11 is the primary manifestation of the prayer battle in 2001, according to the ten-year "Hezekiah Factor." If so, the real danger of a nuclear meltdown may end tomorrow or perhaps as late as March 24. Back in 2001 the manifestation was economic (the Dow); but in 2011 the manifestation is more than economic. Quakes and tsunamis can result in massive economic damage, but it is obviously far more than that. My hope (expectation) is that the situation will "turn around" on March 22, as it did back in 2001.

On the other hand, we may also see another quake occur as early as tomorrow, quite possibly on the West Coast of America. Our attention, of course, has already been drawn to March 22 from the battle ten years ago. But beyond that, there is a strange pattern emerging which may have significance.

Feb. 11 = 6.8 Richter quake in Concepcion, Chile (same location as 2/27/10)
Feb. 22 = 6.3 Richter quake in Christchurch, New Zealand

Mar. 11 = 9 Richter quake near Sendai, Japan
Mar. 22 = ???

Take note that all three of these quakes occurred on the "Ring of Fire" around the Pacific Plate. The first was in the Southeast part of the Plate. The second was in the Southwest part of the Plate. The third was in the Northwest part of the Plate. Will there be a fourth to complete the "ring" in the Northeast part of the Pacific Plate to complete the circle? If so, it could occur anywhere from Alaska to Southern California. IF SO, I suspect that Los Angeles is in the greatest danger.

There seems to be another uncanny parallel between the quakes in Chile and in Japan. Chile, orchileas, is the Greek word for "thousand." Sendai means "a thousand years."

Ten years ago the first prayer battle was marked by the 6.8 Richter quake near Seattle (Feb. 28). The final prayer battle, too, ended with a 6.4 Richter quake in Hiroshima, Japan (Mar. 24).

Minneapolis and St. Paul are the Twin Cities. Their sister cities are Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We have now held three DoubleTree conferences, first in Minneapolis (2001), second in Denver (2005), and the third in San Francisco that started the day of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

In my understanding, the current problem began with World War II as early as 1941 when America entered the war with Japan. That was 70 years ago when the spiritual invasion began. Forty years later in 1981 the intercessors were led into spiritual warfare to counter this invasion that had breached the spiritual "gate" at San Francisco. It took many years just to secure the gate completely (July 2000). But to remedy the residual effects of this are an entirely different matter. We took more aggressive action in 2001, and now we have come to the 70th year. Since 70 is the number of "restoration of all nations," it is my hope that we will see the start of such restoration this year (2011).

Back when this problem began, World War II ended with a nuclear disaster on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The solution (in our context) began in 2001 with the DoubleTree conference that involved the "almond" revelation. I wrote of this in the third week of February last month in "The Almond Chronicles." The solution began in the Twin Cities, which are sister cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Step Two was at the DoubleTree in Denver at our Tabernacles conference. The third was at San Francisco last week, where the whole nuclear question came up again in Japan. There is an obvious spiritual connection between San Francisco and Japan, as well as the connection between the Twin Cities and Japan.

Japan is a key nation to watch as the divine plan unfolds. Japan was where the Archangel Peniel was released in October of 1995 to bring in the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles. (See chapter 14 of my book, The Wars of the Lord posted online.) Likewise, Bob Jones prophesied in 1989 that a big earthquake in Japan would set into motion the final economic collapse. I posted this link last Saturday. Quakes cost a lot of money to repair the devastation, and when a country is already heavily in debt to the Babylonian banks, a quake of this size can easily trigger an economic disaster that can spread around the world within months.

Japan will have to sell a lot of its US bonds to pay for all of this reconstruction. That means the Fed will have to buy its own bonds to prevent a bond meltdown here. But that in turn monetizes the debt further and sends shock waves around the world. Some are already starting to look for ways to dump US bonds. At some point, the Fed will crack, and this will then be a much greater economic quake that will hit all other nations.

There is no question in my mind that the final collapse of Babylon is close. It will not happen overnight, of course. It may still take a couple of years to reach critical stage. I do believe that God will revalue the Iraqi dinar some time before we reach this critical point, and that we will have sufficient time to prepare and to build the Kingdom as Babylon falls.

God is not destroying the Babylonian system without simultaneously replacing it with the Kingdom. The world will not come to an end, but the world system is being replaced by something much better. Bible prophecy knows this as the Kingdom of God. The purpose of these troubles is to set us free, not to destroy us. The only ones in danger are those who adhere to the collapsing system. The solution is to let go of it and put one's faith in Jesus Christ, who is the Head of this coming Kingdom.

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