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The role of the Prince of Persia in the recent Middle East Democracy Movement

Mar 02, 2011

This year we have witnessed the start of a new revolutionary movement in the Middle East, designed to overthrow the old dictators (and perhaps kings as well). While it is being billed as a "Democracy Movement," there is little chance that this is the real agenda except among the people on the street. The real planners and controllers are using this to implement their "end game."

This is apparent, because Lindsey Williams was told six months earlier by the dying oil executive that the price of oil was going to go back up to $150-$200 per barrel. Few believed him, and virtually no one knew HOW this would come about. But now we know. It is obvious from this that the current "Democracy Movement" was planned and that it was the manner in which the price of oil would be manipulated upward once again.

A few years ago, Lindsey was told ahead of time that the price of oil was going to skyrocket to $150 per barrel, and this came about in 2008 as predicted. The same oil executive later told Lindsey that oil was going to go back down to $50 a barrel. It did. So when the same oil executive told Lindsey last year that oil was going to go back up, we began to take the information much more seriously. It is now in the process of moving up, hitting close to $100 at the present time.

The point is that someone knew ahead of time that there was going to be a "Democracy Movement" in the Middle East and that it was going to affect the price of oil. If someone knew it ahead of time, then it was PLANNED. The news media tells us that this is a spontaneous movement--and no doubt it is to the people on the street. But ordinary people seldom understand how they are being manipulated for unknown purposes.

From my perspective, I approach these things from the standpoint of spiritual patterns. As I see it, earthly events are determined by the conditions and events that occur in the spiritual realm, and that all things happen in the spirit before they occur on the earth. To the extent that we know the spiritual condition, we can know the coming earthly event. The main problem is in the area of Timing as well as understanding HOW the spiritual events translate into earth experiences.

In the spiritual realm, the entities involved are not to be taken literally. We see things in terms that our minds can comprehend, but they are symbolic representations that require some interpretation in order to correlate the spiritual with the earthly.

In the present situation, we understand that Timing correlates current events in the earth with those things that were seen ten years ago. Secondly, this drama features two main stars in the show: The Church and the Prince of Persia. Both objected to the transfer of authority from the Church to the overcomers on November 30, 2000. One might even view these two as partial allies in that they had an "enemy" in common.

The historical parallel, of course, can be seen when David became king of Israel. The house of Saul was not happy with this new arrangement, and neither were the Philistines. So at that point, the two had something in common.

The Prince of Persia plays many roles in the spiritual realm. It is the controlling spirit of the Middle East, which also involves him with Islam itself. But he also represents a Holy Spirit counterfeit. Hence, whenever the Holy Spirit is counterfeited, whether in Christianity or even in another religion, it is "crude oil," not "olive oil."

Even Mohammed reported that the angel told him that he (the prophet) was the Comforter that was promised when Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit in John 14:16. This is the essential connection between Islam and the Prince of Persia. From the Christian perspective, the Comforter came in Acts 2 as the Holy Spirit, not as a man in the seventh century.

By the way, the same claim was made by a man named Mani in the third century A.D. On the basis of his "revelation," Mani formed the Manichean religion. The well-known Saint Augustine, "champion of endless torments," had been a Manichee for about eight years before his conversion to Christianity in 386 A.D. Anyway, Mani received the revelation that he was the Comforter who had been promised by Jesus. There are many counterfeits of the Holy Spirit, and they all appeal to the flesh and the children of the flesh.

 Ten years ago the Prince of Persia appealed to the Divine Court as if he were an injured party by the transfer of authority to the overcomers. The part of the story that we saw was that he sought access to America in some new way. The Church as a whole was in no condition to stand in his way, because they knew little or nothing of the situation. In fact, the Church knows little of the Divine Court, and so they lose most of such cases by default. When their leaders do not show up on the Court date, the enemy wins the case by default.

This changed after November 30, 2000 when the transfer of authority took place. On January 23, 2001 it was revealed to us (representing the overcomers) that a case had been filed in the Divine Court the previous day, and that the Court Date was January 29. We were called to answer the case, so that the Prince of Persia would not win by default.

The ruling went in our favor, but the other side can never bring itself to accept God's verdict. They are inherently rebellious. So we had to go the route of Numbers 17 and lay up our staves (authority) in the temple in heaven. We won the case Feb. 21, 2001, but then had to engage in spiritual warfare to enforce that ruling.

We spent most of 2001 engaged in spiritual warfare. In the course of battle, the Lord revealed on March 20, 2000 that we were to begin to pray: "God Bless America." Little did we realize at the time, but in six months the whole nation was praying that prayer (after Sept. 11).

On July 11 we watched as America was attacked in the spirit. By the old revelation, "July is like September," we knew that we would have to watch Sept. 11 as well to see how this attack would manifest in the world. It just takes some revelation of Timing to know the connection between the spiritual event and the earthly manifestation.

Right now, the Prince of Persia is the spiritual entity behind the "Democracy Movement" in the Middle East. This does not mean that the street movement is bad or wrong. They are doing what they believe is right, and I certainly do not support Middle East dictators. My point, however, is that things are not what they seem, and there are hidden agendas created by powerful men who use the "little people" to further their own goals.

I believe that in the end the goal is to bring to a head the plan of Albert Pike, who proposed more than a century ago three world wars. The third war would destroy Jerusalem and the Israeli state in order to create disillusionment among three religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The plan was to then replace them with Pike's own religion: Luciferianism.

The Prince of Persia is the main spiritual entity behind this plan, using deception through the Holy Spirit counterfeits, crude oil, and the children of the flesh wherever they are found in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

The good news is that the battle has already been won. We won before the foundation of the world. We won again at the Cross. We won again in the year 2001. In all of these things, we are more than conquerors. So even if the Prince of Persia and his earthly allies appear to be so powerful that they might win, this is not the case at all. They never had a chance from the start. We engaged in spiritual warfare, not as potential victors but as the clean-up crew after the conquest.

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