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Mar 06, 2011

I will be leaving shortly to go to San Francisco for the Quail and Manna Conference.

Even in the past months, I have not been able to keep up with all the emails that people have sent me. I have tried to read or answer at least 100 per day, but even after deleting spam messages, I have to admit that the task is now hopeless. When I leave the office on a ministry trip, my email box accumulates thousands of emails which I have no way of answering personally as long as I am limited by this Adamic body.

I hope you will understand if I do not answer your emails. I do read a lot more than I answer, and I have not been able to personally answer many prayer requests--though we do pray as requested.

If you use email to request books or material, please write it clearly in the byline on the email, so that we can pull out those requests first. We do want to send the materials that you ask for. While I am gone, my secretary will be at the office to do the mail and to ship your orders.

But I apologize for the many letters that I have not been able to answer personally. I don't want to discourage you from writing, but just realize that I am now officially on overload.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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