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News from Iraq

Mar 07, 2011

The Arab League Summit, which was supposed to be held in Baghdad on March 29, is being postponed until May 15.


Apparently, the lack of security was an issue, due to the fact that the Iraqi Parliament has not yet filled the important Security ministry positions.

This may change, however, since it is being reported that on Thursday Maliki will present 10 people to fill the final 3 positions yet vacant. Even so, it is getting a bit late to get organized before the Summit. So it was postponed to May 15.

It is also being stated that Iraq is supposed to join the World Trade organization March 18. I can't find a news article verifying this, but they would certainly have to give their currency some tradable value and be listed on the IMF with that value before they could conduct international trade using their own dinars.

So either they will have to revalue rather quickly, or perhaps it is not true that Iraq is about ready to join the WTO. Or perhaps that too has been postponed.

The good news is that it appears that the government of Iraq could actually be completed, not a moment too soon! After all, it has now been one year since their last election. If it always takes a year to form a full government, I would suggest that they add an extra year between elections.

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