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March 9 Economic Event

Mar 21, 2011

"Pimco's Total Return Fund, the world's biggest bond fund, has dumped all U.S. government-related securities, including U.S. Treasurys and agency debt."


This is an article appearing on March 9, telling us that "the world's biggest bond fund" has lost all confidence in US Treasury bonds and has sold them off.

This was done before the earthquake in Japan. Japan has been the biggest buyer of US Treasury bonds lately. Those purchases are likely to cease altogether and then go into reverse as they sell off the bonds to pay for reconstruction and disaster relief.

This is something that must watched carefully. Remember that ten years ago on March 9, 2001 we went into spiritual warfare against the Prince of Usury, who rules Babylonian finance, primarily through the Federal Reserve System. The Dow plummeted that day and did not recover until March 22, 2001.

Because of my trip to San Francisco, I had missed this piece of news until now. Better late than never.

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