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Joy and Peace seen

Mar 01, 2011

At our Bible study last night, it was not possible to do any speaking or teaching for the first hour or so, because the people were overcome spontaneously by the Spirit of Joy and Peace. So as usual, I just observed what the Holy Spirit was doing. Amidst the praise and laughter, two words came out: Joy and Peace. It was then that I remembered that ten years ago on the same date, we overcame Beelzebub and the Prince of Revenge in America and replaced these two with the Spirit of Joy and Peace.

We were now seeing in-the-world evidence of that event ten years later to the day, according to the Hezekiah Factor, which I have already described earlier. I wrote about the prayer battle and mentioned the Spirit of Joy and Peace a week ago in my web log:


Two down, five to go. The next watch date in this regard falls on March 8. (I think I had previously stated that the date was March 9, but in checking my records more closely, it was actually March 8, 2001 at 1:47 p.m. that we petitioned the Divine Court against the Prince of Usury.)

It is now nearly ten years after we overthrew the Prince of Usury.

I recall that when we took this Prince captive on March 8, 2001, the Dow began to plunge the same day. The plunge lasted until the minute we began the next prayer campaign March 22. In all, it plunged 1600 points from about 10,850 down below 9,200. On March 22 itself, the Dow plunged 381 points to a low of 9107.76 before turning around at 1:47 p.m. and rising 283 points.

We were led by the Spirit to begin our third prayer battle on March 22, 2001 at 1:47 p.m. (CST). That is the precise moment when the Dow turned around and rose 283 points.

I do not know exactly what to think about this, but it certainly was interesting to watch in 2001. Obviously, the Dow was affected by our prayer battle. Taking the Prince of Usury captive was the "coincidental" moment when the Dow began to plunge, and then the markets turned the moment we turned to focus upon other targets.

Another curious thing from 2001 is that the Lord would not reveal to us the precise name of the Prince of Usury until March 9 at the end of the prayer battle. Thus, in our petition before the Divine Court on March 8, we had to call him "the spirit of the money-changers," since that was the closest identifier that we could pinpoint. We also knew him as the Spirit of Subjection, because he was a taskmaster operating through the banking system and finance.

The Prince of Usury was replaced with the Spirit of Helpfulness. This Spirit of God has to do with helping others as a servant, instead of subjecting the people to the oppression of usury (interest on money). In other words, if you want to "help" someone with a loan, don't charge him interest on the money. Interest only puts the person into subjection and bondage.

It will be interesting to watch March 8-22 this year in relation to the banking system and finance.

Looking ahead, the final prayer battle in 2001 occurred on March 22-24, and we could see evidence of this victory at that time as well. The final four princes that were taken captive were:

1. The Red Dragon
2. The Prince of Counterfeit
3. The Prince of Influence
4. The Prince of Slavery

The name (and purpose) of that third prayer campaign (March 22-24) was called "He is Building Effective Apostleship." That was quite a mouthful, but it had everything to do with the transfer of authority from Pentecost to Tabernacles. The apostleship of Pentecost was apparently to be replaced with a more effective apostleship. Exactly what that indicated was unknown at the time, but an apostle literally means "one who is sent." At the time I wrote in a report:

"This new body of people will be sent out under a greater anointing than ever seen under Pentecost. But first, Spiritual America must be taken in warfare to overthrow and imprison the 7 princes that have ruled this nation and prevented the new order from taking their rightful place."

A few weeks ago I awoke with a revelation that I posted on my blog for Feb. 6, "Prayer of the New Creation Man." At the time, I did not connect it with the prayer campaign in 2001, but now it seems to be a no-brainer. Toward the end of the prayer, it reads:

"As you sent Christ into the world, send us also into the world. Manifest Your presence in us, that the world may believe that You have sent us."

It appears that 2011 is the year when this new "effective apostleship" is to begin. Since last September we have begun to see that God is preparing to manifest His glory in us, adding manna to the quail. Recall that the quail in Ex. 16:6 is to "know" the divine plan, while the manna in Ex. 16:7 is to "see the glory of the Lord." Our Quail and Manna conference on March 11-13 is the direct result of this revelation from last September.

The times we live in require a greater manifestation of the glory of God so that we can deal with the problem effectively. Back in 2001, particularly after the events of 9-11-01, we saw the need for this greater manifestation of God as the world became a much more dangerous place. But now ten years later, we are seeing the next level of fulfillment. Perhaps this indicates that even greater danger lies ahead, and we will need an increased anointing to deal with it.

Whatever the case, we know that God will always provide a measure of grace that is greater than any problems in the world. In fact, when the problems are at their peak, we will see the glory of God at its greatest heights. God is not going to lose this battle. In fact, He already won the battle, because as the Creator, He was the One who wrote the script and included a  victorious outcome in His story (history).

So there are exciting days ahead, and while we do not try to minimize the danger, we also have no fear of it, because we walk with the King and are sent out by His commission, and are empowered by His Spirit to overcome in all things.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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