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General Wesley Clark says the Libyan War was planned in the year 2001

Mar 29, 2011

This short video clip is worth watching. It shows the importance of March 19 as the birthday of Minerva, the goddess of war. On March 19, 2003 the "Shock 'n Awe" war in Iraq began. On March 19, 2011 the bombing of Lybia began.

We can consider these to be sacrifices to Minerva, the goddess of war.


Take note that General Wesley Clark was interviewed in the above video, and he testifies that he heard of the decision to make war on Iraq as early as September 20, 2001, just nine days after 911. In other words, the decision was made even before we went to war with Afghanistan!

Shortly after this, the general saw the plans to take down seven Middle Eastern nations, including Libya. This suggests that the present war in Libya is part of a carefully planned long-term strategy, not a spontaneous "freedom" movement as billed by the government and the media.

We need to be aware of this in order to be better able to interpret the "tongues" in the media.

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