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First Day Report

Mar 12, 2011

Our first day of meetings in San Francisco have gone very well. The first meeting started shortly after the tsunami from Japan came ashore at San Francisco. On the coast at nearby Santa Cruz the tsunami came ashore at nearly 9 feet and destroyed quite a few boats. Our hotel is in the bay itself and is protected from any tsunami activity. I may comment further on the 8.9 Richter quake and tsunami later.

We expect that the meetings will build up and reach a high point on Sunday. The revelation has just begun, and many are beginning to experience the Holy Spirit in a new way. I suggested that there was manna coming from Hawaii, and so a Hawaiian man got up and told us that their word "mana" (i.e., manna) means spiritual power.

I am very pleased with the meetings today. The tsunami of the Holy Spirit will follow closely on the heels of the earthly one today. Even as the main island of Japan permanently moved 8 feet, so also will whole nations be moved out of their places.

Pray that God blesses Japan and all the nations of the earth.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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