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Bob Jones' 1989 prophecy of the Japanese Quake

Mar 19, 2011

Here is a 28-minute video from Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries, telling of a prophecy from Bob Jones 22 years ago that spoke of a great earthquake in Japan. The quake, he said, would signify the beginning of an ECONOMIC meltdown.


Japan's debt load is 200 times its GDP, which far outstrips America's 62%. The main difference is that Japan's debt (bonds) has been sold mostly to Japanese citizens, rather than to foreigners, whereas the US bonds have a huge number of foreign buyers.

In fact, Japan is our second largest creditor, next to China.

But this earthquake and tsunami disaster is causing the Japanese to sell their US bonds and dollars in order to bring more money back to Japan where they can use it to rebuild from the disaster. This has caused the dollar to go down and the Japanese yen to go up in value--so much, in fact, that yesterday the Fed had to intervene in the currency market to strengthen the dollar against the yen. In other words, the Fed had to buy dollars and sell yen in order to stabilize the prices.


How to interpret this?

Bob Jones prophesied the San Francisco quake in 1989 and another in southern California (January 17, 1994). But at the same time, he prophesied that a very large quake would hit Japan that would be the sign of the soon-coming world economic meltdown. When the quake hit Kobe, Japan on January 17, 1995, Bob Jones said that it was NOT the big one that he had foreseen. But today he confirms that last week's quake in Japan WAS the one he had seen.

So the real factor to watch is not so much the nuclear fallout, but rather the economic effect that this Japanese quake will have. Japan's economy has already been tottering on the brink of collapse, due to its enormous debt load. This quake is probably going to push it over the edge. And when it does, it will start cashing in its US bonds to raise money, and this will have a ripple effect on the US economy.

I suspect that this will motivate the IMF to revalue the Iraqi dinar as quickly as possible in order to head off an economic meltdown.

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