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A Recent Spiritual History of San Francisco

Mar 03, 2011

In a few days we will start driving to San Francisco, where we are hosting the Quail and Manna Conference. I anticipate that this will be a new beginning point where the glory of God will be seen. Here is some background:

In 1981, before I knew much about spiritual things or spiritual warfare, a group of prayer warriors and intercessors began to engage in spiritual warfare to defend America from a spiritual attack coming from the West. It was understood that America had 12 spiritual "gates," and that the "Sheep Gate" had been breached at San Francisco (the Golden Gate Bridge).

The breach occurred because the Church had abandoned its defense of San Francisco on the grounds that its gay community deserved divine judgment. It was common in those days to say, "If God doesn't judge San Francisco, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah." What the Church did not understand was that if it abandoned its intercession for SFO, the enemy would come in through that gate. After all, these spiritual entitles receive authority to judge us by our sin. Such judgment is prevented, postponed, or lessened by intercession.

When this "gate" was breached, certain intercessors (representing the overcomers) were called into action to prevent the utter destruction of America. Obviously, God does not intend for America as a people to be destroyed, though I cannot say the same about the corporate government which will be replaced eventually by the government of the Kingdom of God.

That prayer campaign started on November 12, 1981. Though I knew nothing of this prayer campaign at the time, it changed my life. My spirit (spiritual man) joined with the intercessors shortly after the battle started, and this was written up in their newsletter at the time. A year later, when I finally met the leader who had seen me in the spirit, he recognized me. We were then able to compare notes, and only then did I begin to understand why my life had taken such a drastic turn.

The prayer battles continued off and on for many years, and during that time, I learned by revelation and by experience the art of intercession and the laws of spiritual warfare. When my 12-year "training" period ended in November of 1993, the Lord led me to lead the Jubilee Prayer Campaign. This began Nov. 21, 1993 and ended October 7, 2006.

In July of the year 2000, I flew to SFO to do a week of teaching, and as the plane landed, the Lord spoke to me and gave me understanding of the real purpose for my trip. It was to complete the repair of the breach at the Sheep Gate after 19 years of spiritual warfare.

So on Wednesday, July 12, three of us were led to go on a "scouting" trip into the city itself. Before we left, I asked the Lord for a Scripture to let me know what to look for. He gave me Luke 3:16, 17, which reads in part, "He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire" and to "burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire." In other words, the fire of the Holy Spirit is sent to burn up the chaff in our lives. It is to cleanse and to purify. In terms of the Pentecostal offering, the fire is meant to kill the leaven (Lev. 23:17).

I then received this word:

"This is the end and completion of the wall around the New Jerusalem. Once it is complete, I come to inhabit My Temple, My people. I come as fire to consume all that is within My walls. All flesh shall see My glory, for I shall baptize all men with unquenchable fire."

While driving into SFO, we passed Candlestick Park. I asked, "Is that THE Candlestick Park?" Yes, it was, they replied. "That is where we are to do the prophetic work today. But let's have breakfast first and come back later."

We then drove into SFO, had breakfast, and then began to walk down the streets. It was not long before the Lord told me, "I will show you a sign at Fifth Street." Being unfamiliar with the city, I asked, "Is there a Fifth Street anywhere near here?"

"It's down one block from here," they said.

"Good," I said. "That is where we need to go to see the SIGN God wants to show us." We continued to Fifth Street, turned right, and crossed the street. There we came upon two young ladies holding a 6 x 3 foot vinyl banner (sign) which read, "San Francisco on Fire" and the date: July 15, 2000.

I nudged the others and said, "See there? That's the sign that God is showing us. Now we can leave." As we approached our car in the parking lot, we noticed a nearby car with the license: GLORY 99. Since 99 is the biblical number for "Amen," we took this to indicate "GLORY-AMEN." In other words, it was our double witness ("Amen") to confirm the glory of God that was to be poured out at San Francisco.

We then drove back to Candlestick Park, where we discovered a lot of construction taking place. They were building a platform, and we knew then that some kind of Crusade was to be held there. This was what the young ladies had been advertising on the SIGN that we saw on the corner of Fifth Street. The stadium had been the home of the SFO Giants (baseball) until the year 2000, when they moved to a new stadium. So Candlestick Park was being used for other purposes--in this case, an evangelistic meeting on July 15, 2000.

While we were there, the Lord gave us revelation of the 70 bulls sacrificed at the Feast of Tabernacles. Alfred Edersheim, scholar of the 19th century, wrote in his book, The Temple, that these 70 bulls represented the 70 nations of the world. A final bull was sacrificed on the 8th day of Tabernacles, representing the unification of the 70 nations into one, as pictured in Rev. 4:9, 10, where God purchased people from "every tribe and tongue and people and nation" and then "made them to be A KINGDOM AND PRIESTS to our God."

Of course, this is the purpose and goal of the glory of God being poured out as the "fire" of the Holy Spirit.

On July 15 we declared the Sheep Gate to be repaired fully. The next day, eight of us "inspected" the work by physically walking across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. We saw by the Spirit that the work had been completed.

It is interesting that ten years later, the SFO Giants won the World Series (2000-2010). At the time, we were already planning our Quail and Manna Conference there. The "quail" is the meat of the word by which we "know" that God has brought us out of Egypt (Ex. 16:6). The "manna" is "the glory of God" (Ex. 16:7). We intend to provide a balanced diet at our conference, according to God's banquet revealed in Exodus 16.

Many groups have seen the glory of the Lord poured out, and others have heard the Word. Yet it seems that these two groups seldom see both at the same time. Hence, one group lacks the knowledge of the divine plan, while the other lacks the fire of His glory. I believe that it is time to merge the two as one. I believe that the events of 2000 repaired the breach and laid the spiritual foundations for what we are now to begin experiencing in the world.

I find it amazing that this work has been in the making for nearly 30 years. . . .

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