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Two Rivers and the Second Passover

Feb 14, 2011

I had inserted an incorrect link to Cyrus and the 180 channels, but I put in the correct link now. You can read the story for yourself.

Also, from further reading, it appears that Cyrus diverted TWO RIVERS, not just one. The first was diverted by the 180 canals or channels. The second one was the Euphrates. Prophetically speaking, the two rivers speak of the same thing, of course, just as the Red Sea and the Jordan are the same from a prophetic standpoint.

The Euphrates was diverted by seven channels, according to history. This was the fulfillment of Isaiah 11:15, which seems to speak of the Nile, but seems to have a reference also to the Euphrates. See the site below:


By the way, the "bank" of the river is where we get our banking system as well as our legal system. Banks are based on international law, or the law of the high SEAS (water). And when a judge sits on "The Bench," the term "bench" is from the same root as "Bank."

MU-Barak is interesting in that MU in monetary terms means "Monetary Unit." He flew to Sharm al-Sheik, which means "Bay of the Sheik." However, many call it the "City of Peace," which may have a connection to Jerusalem, which has that meaning as well.

Today is a prophetic type of the Second Passover, being 2/14. Today and tomorrow are watch days that may have reference to the actual Second Passover (May 18/19).

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