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Feb 16, 2011

Well, once again the Iraqi parliament lives up to its reputation. Yesterday it was reported that they were going to meet and not adjourn until they had passed a budget. But they got hung up on the issue of cell phone companies abuse. Then they adjourned the meeting and will supposedly work on it further in the morning.


As far as "Watch Dates" are concerned, the wave-sheaf offering would correlate to this coming Sunday, since the sheaf was always to be waved on "the day after the Sabbath" (Lev. 23:15). So before we know anything for sure, we'll have to watch through Sunday. The wave-sheaf  offering commemorates Israel's crossing of the Red Sea as well as Jesus' resurrection and presentation as the Son of God in the temple in Heaven.

Last month in our "January Passover," the date of 1/14 was on a Friday, so the wave-sheaf offering date to watch fell on Sunday the 16th. But in February the Second Passover is quite different, since 2/14 fell on a Monday. Hence, we will have to observe Sunday the 20th.

These watch dates are not necessarily fulfilled in the Iraqi situation, of course. It is often difficult to know ahead of time WHERE to watch. But yet it does show good possibilities for a break-through in Iraq's government and financial situation. We should also watch Egypt and Mubarak in particular, since the wave-sheaf commemorates the Red Sea crossing.

Another factor is that often things happen behind the scenes that are not apparent until later.

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