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The Almond Rod Dream

Feb 23, 2011

From a reader. . .

I went home for a three day weekend on Friday, February 18, so  I didn’t read your almond blogs until the morning of February 22, hence my now enlightenment!

Right around the time of the Super Bowl I had the following dream:  It was a very short dream, but I believe one of extreme importance. 

In the dream, I was in a room with Ron.  I looked at one of the walls, down near the baseboard area, and there was an alcove in the wall.  Sitting in the alcove was Aaron’s Rod.  It was HUGE.  It was twenty or thirty feet long!  In the dream, I said to Ron,”Wow!  Look how big it is!”  Ron’s reply was, “Yes!  It has gotten TWICE AS BIG overnight.” 

That was the whole dream.  Well, then I noticed that AARON RODgers won the Super Bowl, and was named the MVP!  Doc, SOMETHING REALLY BIG IS UP!  I am excited!

My Comment:

It appears that the authority (represented by Aaron's Rod) is about to increase so that we receive a DOUBLE PORTION of authority. This will happen very quickly--OVERNIGHT.

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