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The Almond Chronicles--Part 6

Feb 22, 2011

For some centuries there has been an internal struggle for control of the Roman Catholic Church. The struggle is between those who support the Virgin Mary and those who support Mary Magdalene. Both sides use the name "Mary" but mean different women. This struggle finally burst into the open for all to see when Dan Brown published his book, The DaVinci Code a few years ago.

The Magdalene cult goes back to the Merovingians in the sixth century. These were the kings of the Holy Roman Empire who believed that they were descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. To some extent this issue formed the background in the power struggles between popes and kings. In more recent centuries the Freemasons adopted this viewpoint as well and sought to infiltrate the Roman Church to change it from within.

In the movie, The Matrix, part 2 portrayed a man named Merovingian in the setting of a palace that looked much like the French kings of the past. He had a consort named Persephone, whose role was played by Valerie Bellucci. Later, Valerie played the role of Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ.

We see from this first the connection between Persephone and Mary. Secondly, we see the connection between the Merovingians and Mary Magdalene.

The historic conflict between the Roman Church and the Freemasons is quite well known. A number of popes banned Catholics from joining the Freemasons, though these edicts were largely ignored. For example, L'Enfant, the designer of Washington D.C. was both a Catholic and a Freemason. He came recommended by John Carroll, the Catholic bishop of Maryland, who apparently did not think that L'Enfant's ties to Freemasonry were any kind of disqualification as a Catholic.

Years later, when the Capitol dome was painted by Constantino Brumidi (who came from Rome), he painted what is called the "Apotheosis of Washington." Apotheosis means "the act of placing a prince or other distinguished person among the heathen deities." He painted it so that Mary was pictured as the Mediatrix, pursuing evil-doers, flying in the heavens between the earth and the deified George Washington. At her side is the Roman Eagle, who is the mascot of Jupiter, to represent Roman justice.

Persephone, Minerva, or Venus were different names of the same goddess, and when she was pictured as judging the dead in Hades, she was called "Justicia." The motto of our Justice Department is Qui Pro Domina Justicia Sequitor, "He who follows the Goddess Justicia."

In the painting, America is pictured as a young man wearing a Phrygian cap. Phrygia was a district in Pergamum (Pergamos in Rev. 2:12). Phrygian caps were given to freed slaves to show the world their liberated status. However, Roman law stated that this freedom was not an inalienable right, but could be revoked at any time for any cause. In other words, the liberty of those wearing a Phrygian cap was a government privilege and not a God-given right.

In the history of the House of Israel, we see that King Jehu of Israel paid tribute to the king of Assyria. This is pictured on the Black Obelisk of Shalmanezer.


In this stone monument, King Jehu is pictured wearing a Phrygian cap. In other words, he was "free" as long as he continued to pay tribute to Assyria. Hence, with America wearing a Phrygian cap, it was meant to show a change in our basic concept of American government. Whereas the original Republic was made up of free citizens under God, during and after the Civil War the nation became subservient to the gods of Rome and Greece.

The Civil War ended the original Republic as we know it. The Capitol dome was placed under "Persephone" in 1863, and the UNITED STATES CORPORATION was instituted in 1871.

Hence, Americans now wear the Phrygian cap granting privileges, rather than true rights. Privileges come from government; rights come from God alone.

All of this is background to the crack in the Capitol dome in Olympia, which occurred on February 28, 2001, immediately after our prayer battle that was centered in Washington State. This was the first of the battles to set America free from "the seven princes" ruling America, whose roots go back to King Jeroboam and his golden calves.

The golden calves took Israel out from under the rule of God, replacing Him with false gods who offer us privilege, rather than rights and true freedom. Hence, toward the end of Israel's nationhood in the old land, King Jehu is seen wearing a Phrygian cap of privilege, paid for by taxation.

We were able to conduct these battles in the heavens on account of the full authority of David given to the overcomers on Nov. 30, 2000. The legal challenge in the Divine Court was answered on January 29 and then the refusal of the Church (as Korah) to accept God's verdict brought about the almond rods being placed in the temple in heaven. These bore fruit on Feb. 21, 2001, after which time we began the warfare in Seattle and Olympia, WA.

The obvious reason for the warfare is easy to see. The enemy can never recognize the headship of Jesus Christ, nor will they submit to the overcomers who are His Body. This is the basic difference between us. The overcomers--by definition--are those who submit to Jesus Christ and seek to be in agreement with Him always. When Christ issues a ruling, the overcomers submit. On the other hand, the others never submit. Hence, the divine ruling inevitably brings war, as the overcomers are sent to enforce the ruling from the Divine Court.

Under Moses, the nation of Israel was "chosen" to institute divine government and enforce it according to the mind of Christ, their King. They failed, so Israel and Judah were destroyed, and the people sent into captivity. In Acts 2, God narrowed down the group "chosen" to institute divine government. It was narrowed down to those who specifically believed in Jesus Christ and who had received the empowerment of the Holy Spirit on their Coronation Day.

The problem is that these Pentecostals were fulfilling the type of King Saul, rather than David. Saul did well his first year, but then began to rule as if he owned the throne. So also, the Church did well in its first Jubilee cycle, and then began to run into problems. In a few centuries the Church had begun to follow the political strategies and policies of the world. The Church lost the power of the Sword of the Spirit and took up the physical sword to rule the world.

When the Church's 40 Jubilees of authority had failed to bring righteousness to the earth and establish the government of the Kingdom of God, the authority of government began to shift from the house of Saul to the house of David. After 7-1/2 years (May 30, 1993 to Nov. 30, 2000), the full authority was given to the house of David (the overcomers).

This is why the overcomers are now the ones "chosen" or "elected" to the position of rulership in the earth. Only God knows who they are, because He knows the hearts of all people.

Once the house of David was fully established, then and only then were the overcomers fully empowered to begin establishing Kingdom government in the earth. While Saul still reigned, David could not do much, even though he had been anointed by Samuel as a child. So it was with the overcomers. But all of this changed on Nov. 30, 2000, and so, after the challenge had been overruled in the Divine Court by means of the almond rod, the battles began.

This is the sixth part of a series titled "The Almond Chronicles." To view all parts, click the link below.

The Almond Chronicles

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