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The Almond Chronicles--Part 5

Feb 21, 2011

Since the Lord saw fit to lay a "snow job" on us, I think I will write a second blog from home while the boys shovel out the driveway.

It is evident, looking back at the events of 2001, that if the Church under Pentecost had retained its spiritual authority beyond November of 2000, Apollyon and his allies would have had free access to bring judgment upon America. As it is, a certain level of judgment was due to come, but the overcomers were led into spiritual warfare to stop the worst of it and to prepare the way for the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is to come.

Apollyon (or Abaddon) is mentioned in Rev. 9:11, which is a subtle hint of the events later in the year on 9-11. Likewise, because the leading spirit identified in this conflict was Apollyon-Abaddon, it is likely that the so-called Al-Quaeda is actually an Iranian front--though not necessarily, since Apollyon is a ruling spirit of the entire Middle East with tentacles virtually everywhere.

For this reason, the spiritual battles of 2001 soon spread from America to the entire world. America appeared to be the focal point at the beginning, but in July 2001 it became a virtual "world war" in the heavens. In fact, in my notes for the night of July 10, 2001 (i.e., July 11 Hebrew time), I noted: "AMERICA ATTACKED." In other words, we were no longer dealing with an internal spiritual attack, but were now being attacked from the outside by spiritual forces from outside the country.

The timing of that attack told us something, because of the revelation from 30 years ago, "July is like September." It told us that July 11 was like September 11, and that we should watch for some repercussions in America from the spiritual attack on July 11. The rest is history.

The series of battles fought in 2001 had their beginning point with the revelation of January 23, 2001 and our appearance before the Divine Court on January 29, 2001. The first order of business was to answer the challenge of authority that was coming from the Church ("King Saul").

The Church had nearly 2000 years in which to establish the Kingdom by the authority of Pentecost, but it failed for the same reasons that King Saul had failed. Hence, the time came for a new administration, a new and smaller body of believers under the greater anointing and authority of the feast of Tabernacles.

Had the overcomers lost their case, America would have had little defense, because the Pentecostal revelation was insufficient to deal with the coming crisis.

The overcomers' authority and calling was confirmed on Feb. 21, 2001 with the almond rod bearing fruit ("berries"). I then flew to Seattle on Feb. 23 to oversee the first of three rounds of spiritual warfare. Round One was to be begin at 3:00 p.m., February 26 and was to end at 10:32 a.m. Pacific Time  on the 28th.

It was revealed that there were "Seven Princes" in America that needed to be overthrown and replaced. This first battle was designed to take the first two captive--Beelzebub and the Prince of Revenge-- replacing them with the Spirit of Joy and the Spirit of Peace.

Just 22 minutes later, at 10:52 a.m. Seattle was hit with a 6.8 Richter earthquake that cracked the State Capitol dome in Olympia. The Lord gave some revelation about the significance of this on March 1, 2001:

"The Seattle quake was the result of the spiritual warfare, caused by the Prince of Revenge. . . The Capitol dome in Olympia is connected spiritually to the Capitol dome in Washington D.C. Its crack in Olympia signifies what is about to happen in Washington D.C., for it represents the overthrow of the false [Greek] gods of Olympia and the false Roman gods portrayed in the Capitol dome in Washington D.C."

The quake itself was set into motion a day before it struck Olympia and Seattle, while we were engaged in the battle. But this word revealed the fact that Washington State is connected spiritually to Washington D.C. If you are called as a Watcher, you will have to observe events in Washington State in order to be informed of what is about to happen in Washington D.C.

In this case, the physical crack in the Capitol dome in Olympia signified a coming "crack" in the political apparatus in Washington D.C. The owners of the Federal Reserve and the "elite" of Babylon call themselves "Olympians." They believe that they are the gods of this world. This was just brought out by Benjamin Fulford, a representative of the "White Dragon Society" in Japan. He writes:

"The reason more people are willing to come forth and testify is that they finally see the Illuminati, or gang (committee) of 300, Khazarian Satanists or whatever label you choose to use for them, as headed for a final takedown. Perhaps that explains the latest rash of attempts to bribe members of the White Dragon Society, including this writer.

"The Satan worshipping owners of the Federal Reserve Board, however, are extremely fanatical about their religion and many continue to believe their plans are pre-ordained and unstoppable. Their campaign to overthrow governments world-wide, starting in the Middle-East is part of a plan to vastly hike oil and food prices in an effort to engineer famine and war by late spring or summer.

"Here is some of what self-described Olympians (David Rockefeller has referred to himself as “Zeus” in the past) or committee of 300 members including Joseph Rattinger, John McClay, Fred Potter and Alexander King, among of others, have to say about their activities." (blog dated Feb. 21, 2011)


The connection between Washington D.C. and Rome go back to the 1600's when Maryland was essentially a Roman Catholic colony. King Charles 1 gave his Secretary of State, George Calvert, the territory later called Maryland, but George died before he could develop it. His son, Cecelius Calvert then came to Maryland with two ships, the Ark and the Dove.

Because King Charles 1 was a secret Roman Catholic--secret because he was also supposed to be the head of the Church of England--George Calvert converted to Catholicism. Because of suspicions in those days, it was thought wise to go far away to the New World, where Catholic interests could develop unhindered.

The voyage was directed spiritually by the Jesuit priest, Andrew White, known in Roman Catholic circles as "The Apostle to Maryland." Years later, the White House was named after him, with all the usual winks, nods, and plausible deniabilities.

The Calvert's personal property was called Rock Creek Farm, but in the 1663 property records, it is called "ROME," and the branch of the Potomac River is called the "Tiber" (after the river that runs through Rome). The owner of the property on the title deed was listed as "Francis Pope," no doubt again with many winks and nods.

D.C. was built in the late 1700's on this same property that was originally called Rome. The city was deliberately laid out by its architect, Pierre-Charles L'Enfant, who got the job at the suggestion of John Carroll, a Jesuit bishop, who later blessed D.C. by putting it under the protection of the Virgin Mary.

John Carroll died on Dec. 3, 1816. Forty-seven years later, during the American Civil War, the statue of Persephone was placed on the top of the Capitol dome in D.C. (All the statues of Persephone in ancient times had been taken over by the Roman Church, which re-labeled them "Mary".) In honor of John Carroll, the event was marked by a 47-gun salute, because Carroll had died 47 years earlier.

This is the fifth part of a series titled "The Almond Chronicles." To view all parts, click the link below.

The Almond Chronicles

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