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The Almond Chronicles--Part 4

Feb 21, 2011

The things that I will share today will assume that you have some background knowledge of biblical history. One of the main things you need to understand as background material is the connection between America and the ancient House of Israel. The connection is seen clearly by studying the history of the migrations of Israel after the fall of Assyria (which had taken Israel captive).

Secondly, from the perspective of prophetic timing, you need to be familiar with that most important prophecy cycle of 2,520 years, or "seven times" in biblical terms. For a more complete study of this, see my book, posted online: The Prophetic History of the United States.

The bottom line is that America is fulfilling the prophecies of the regathered House of Israel, with our Declaration of Independence in 1776, precisely 2,520 years after Israel began to be deported to Assyria in 745 B.C. Likewise, 2,520 years after the fall of Israel's capital (Samaria), our own capital (Washington D.C.) was built in the year 1800.

The House of Judah and Jerusalem has its own set of prophecies being fulfilled on that same 2,520 year cycle. The same is true with Babylon and Mystery Babylon.

With that very brief summary in mind, let us see how the spiritual warfare in 2001 relates to this. In early 2001, the Lord gave us this revelation:

"Apollyon is the Prince of Persia and is the one behind Assyria when it conquered Israel[745-721 B.C.]. He was empowered to do this because of the golden calves set up by Jeroboam."

Apollyon is his name, and "Prince of Persia" is his title. Apollyon is usually translated as a "destroyer," but actually, the root word means "to lose." For instance, "the lost sheep of the house of Israel" is from apollumi and does not mean absolute destruction of all the people. The nation (as a national entity) was destroyed in 721 B.C., but the people themselves were deported and "lost" as Ezekiel 34 had prophesied.

There is a spiritual "world" running parallel to the physical world. We cannot access it through our bodies or souls, but only through our spirit. Your spirit is the connecting link to that other dimension. It has a mind of its own and knowledge that is far beyond that of the mind of the soul. The spirit can share information with the soul, but only as we learn to break down the barriers between them. This is, essentially, how we learn to hear the voice of God, who speaks through our spirit directly to our soulish mind and has even been known at times to speak directly to our physical ears.

My point is that this parallel world is a spiritual world, and it has a direct influence on people and events in our physical world. If you want to change conditions in the physical world (permanently), you must change the conditions in its parallel spiritual dimension, because the physical is the natural outcome of the spiritual.

Apollyon is the spiritual entity that God used to bring judgment upon the House of Israel. His job description is in his name. That is how the so-called "lost tribes of Israel" came to be "lost." Of course, God's judgment itself was based primarily upon the fact that Jeroboam had set up the golden calves in Bethel and Dan (1 Kings 12:28, 29). This was the root cause of Israel's destruction and the scattering of the "lost sheep." 1 Kings 13:34 says of the golden calf worship,

(34) And this thing became sin unto the house of Jeroboam, even to cut it off, and to destroy it from off the face of the earth.

So 210 years later Samaria fell, and Israel ceased to be a nation. (210 is from 21, which is "the time of Jacob's trouble." Counting another 12 periods of 210 years brings us to 1800, and one final 210-year cycle brings us to 2010. We have reached the end of Jacob's trouble, and God is now delivering America by collapsing the Babylonian system.)

When Jeroboam set up the golden calves, he automatically triggered the countdown for divine judgment upon the nation. To put it another way, he empowered Apollyon (as an agent of divine judgment) to "lose" the House of Israel. The purpose of the 210-year cycle was to give the people time to repent. They did not do so.

Hence, Samaria was destroyed and the people deported. Apollyon was given a long time to judge the House of Israel by causing them to be lost from view. The world came to believe that the tribes were lost forever, and that the Jews were therefore the only ones who could fulfill the prophecies of the Birthright given to Joseph's sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.

Modern Christian Zionism and Scofield "Dispensationalism" is the direct result of Apollyon's success. It is assumed by these groups that the Jews are Israel and that in 1948 the "regathering of the House of Israel" began. Nothing could be further from the truth, but yet it was necessary for the church to be blind to the truth, in order that the divine purpose (and judgment) would continue until 2010.

The point is that the golden calves of Jeroboam were not overthrown, nor were they disempowered by the fall of Samaria. In fact, quite the reverse was true. The golden calves continued to be the source of empowerment for Apollyon throughout the time that the Israelites were lost, or hidden from view.

So now we come to the year 2001. We learned first that the Church had appealed the transfer of authority to the overcomers (Nov. 30, 2000). Second, we learned by revelation on January 23, 2001 that Apollyon had also petitioned the Divine Court for "entry" into America. In other words, the ruling spirit in the Middle East, centered in Persia (Iran), was petitioning God to bring judgment upon America.

We did not know the nature of the judgment at the time, nor even the full implications of what was transpiring. Apollyon was not the only spirit seeking entry, but he was the main petitioner representing others, including the Red Dragon (which is another whole aspect to the story).

Understand that these spiritual entities are not beyond God's control. They are part of God's court system, called as executioners of the Law to bring judgment and (as far as God is concerned) to teach us the natural consequences of sin and to drive us to repentance.

As we studied and prayed further about these things, we came to understand that the golden calves of Jeroboam lay at the root of America's spiritual problem. Though our forefathers had attempted to set up a Christian Nation at the start, they did not know about the golden calves that were still empowered by Jeroboam so long ago. Hence, they had no chance of engaging in spiritual warfare in the late 1700's, which might have altered the spiritual conditions in the heavens, so that the Christian Nation could be established permanently.

At any rate, in the divine plan, it was not yet time for such things to be revealed. It was God's intent that we go through a final 210-year cycle of "Jacob's trouble" before dealing with the golden calves in 2001.

Apollyon's main physical sign is crude oil, which is the sign of a false or counterfeit anointing. Its heavenly counterpart is olive oil. Both will hold a fire, but yet they are qualitatively different. Apollyon's Hebrew name is Abaddon (Rev. 9:11), which is the name of the city (Abadon) in southern Iran at the top end of the Persian gulf that is the site of the largest oil refinery in the world. It is also where oil was first discovered and drilled by the company later known as BP.

Apollyon has connections in the Church as well as in the Middle East, because he is the source of Holy Spirit counterfeits ("crude oil") that are often seen in the Church. Dealing with Apollyon was necessary to prepare for the coming move of the Holy Spirit.

This is the fourth part of a series titled "The Almond Chronicles." To view all parts, click the link below.

The Almond Chronicles

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