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The Almond Chronicles--Part 2

Feb 19, 2011

When I speak of monitoring the heart of the Church, I am talking about a collective body of people--not individuals, nor even individual denominations.

We discovered over the years that God dealt with the Church as a collective body, as well as with individuals. Both levels are important. In biblical days, King Saul represented the collective heart of Israel, which was the "church" of its day. After all, the people had demanded a king, so they got a king who was just like them. Saul probably never understood that his actions were not simply being done "on his own," but that he represented the average Israelite's attitude and relationship toward God.

But keep in mind that the "average American family" has 2.1 children. But no family in America actually has 2.1 children.

There were many Israelites who were part of Paul's "remnant of grace" throughout its history. These were the overcomers within the Church of Israel. In Revelation 2 and 3, the message is given to The Seven Churches, butĀ also singles out "him that overcomes" as a distinct group within the Church. See Rev. 2:7, 11, 17, 26, 3:5, 12, 21.

Throughout the Pentecostal Church Age, there have been overcomers within the Church, even as David was an overcomer under King Saul. When I make a distinction between the Church and the overcomers (in terms of "wheat" and "barley"), it is not to imply that one is Christian and the other is not. Both are Christian, but only one group "overcomes."

To understand the difference, it is helpful to understand a number of Bible stories which are prophetic of this very situation. The distinction between Saul and David stands out in this regard. Saul's heart was rebellious, while David was "a man after God's own heart." Saul disagreed with God, while David was in agreement.

This also shows the distinction between Pentecost and Tabernacles. Pentecost is a leavened feast (Lev. 23:17), while Tabernacles is not. Pentecost is good only if the hearts of the people are willing to be "baked" in the fire of God, which alone can destroy the leavening action. A "baked" Pentecostal is the equivalent of an overcomer, for such a person is preparing for the glory of God that is yet to come (through Tabernacles).

There are many types and shadows recorded in the Scriptures to help us understand this. There are Jonathans in the house of Saul, who genuinely love David and would support David's rule if given opportunity (1 Sam. 20:30-33). There are also Shimei's who curse David in support of Absalom (2 Sam. 16:5-8). Shimei was of the house of Saul and was delighted when Absalom overthrew David.

I have seen many times that people today also are chosen by God to represent the Church. When chosen in this manner, these people are no longer "themselves." Their decisions and character is somehow adjusted to reflect the heart of the Church collectively. The words that they speak are not their own, but reflect the Church itself. It can be uncanny when that happens.

In my early days of training (1980's), I observed how a prophet would be sent to a particular town or to an individual (usually a pastor or church official) to obtain the decision of the collective Church. In such a case, that individual's response to the Word of the Lord reflected the collective decision of the Church, even without that person realizing it. Such discernment required the ability to hear the Lord's voice and to be led by the Spirit--otherwise, it would hardly be possible to know whose response to solicit.

In May 1985 I was given revelation that God was separating the overcomers from the Church, making them into two separate groups. Up to that time, they had been mingled together, because during the Age of Pentecost the overcomers had remained under the authority of the Church, even as David was under the authority of King Saul. But in 1985 God began to separate them, so that the rebellious ways of the Church would not affect the overcomers.

It was the first indication that God was getting ready to bring His Davids into a position of authority, replacing the Sauls. At the time, I was unaware that the Age of Pentecost (Saul) would end in 1993 and that the David company would come fully into its position of authority 7-1/2 years later on Nov. 30, 2000. Not until 1991 did I begin to get a serious revelation of Timing.

When the David company received the full Kingdom Authority on Nov. 30, 2000, we wondered how this would actually work out in practical terms. First, we knew that the future of the Kingdom and of world history would be determined by the collective heart of the overcomers, rather than by the heart of the Church (Pentecost). The overcomers finally had the authority of the King to make the decisions and to decree the heart, mind, and will of God.

In other words, the course of world history was about to change. As we stepped up our battle against the Babylonian system, we were now assured of success, for the overcomers had the full authority to deal with Babylon. Hence, the year 2001 was a year of intense spiritual warfare, which began January 29 and ended November 8.

All of the work of spiritual warfare in 2001 must be considered now, ten years later, according to the ten-year Hezekiah Factor. We would expect to begin seeing results from the warfare in 2001 emerge into visibility in the world.

The first challenge to the authority of the overcomers came on January 22, 2001, when the petition was made in the Divine Court challenging the transfer of authority to the overcomers. The reasons for this are complex, but we were to answer this petition on January 29 at 8:30 a.m. Less than two hours later, a letter arrived in the mail from a Pentecostal woman named Kathryn, whom God raised up as the spokesperson for the Church. Her letter was a reflection of what was going on in the Divine Court and in the heart of the collective Church.

Kathryn sent me a baggie of ashes, with the unburned header of one of my newsletters to show me that she had burned the newsletter. She also wrote (in part):

"Thus saith the Lord--Enclosed [the ashes] you will find the remnant of the Satanic army, comprised in part of would-be seekers who have dared cross the line into My Holy Kingdom. You are leading a group of people all across this land through the churches that I, by My hand, shall destroy. You, sir, with your carnal mind, carnal intent, and carnal baggage have portrayed yourself to be a General of sorts [really?] in My mighty Army. Henceforth, I shall bring you to the ground, for you, with your carnal, Satanic moves, have crushed and put to death all hope of My true anointed ones from coming forth. . ."

Keep in mind that from her perspective, the overcomers were the "Satanic army" coming against the Pentecost Church. Secondly, she admits that our so-called "Satanic army" had "crushed and put to death all hope" of what she calls "My true anointed ones," i.e., the Saul company. Hence, she admits that Saul had been defeated by the David company, though she was of the opinion that Saul was the true anointed king.

Her letter demanded further that I discontinue all teaching, that I remain at home and not go out to do the work of the Lord, and that I pray and fast until I repent of my actions. She concluded with: "I will take My wrath out upon your life for the evil you have committed against Me if these conditions are not met and adhered to." She signed her name and title: "Commander in Chief of the Army of the Lord."

Well, she is now dead, and I am here to continue the work. But at the time, God raised her up as the spokesman for the Saul company. It showed us the nature of the challenge and who it was coming from.

This is the second part of a series titled "The Almond Chronicles." To view all parts, click the link below.

The Almond Chronicles

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