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More on Mubarak and Maliki

Feb 12, 2011

The rapid developments in Egypt have injected a new urgency to the final formation of the government of Iraq. Demonstrations are planned on a large scale for February 25, and these can only be averted by forming this full government. It has been eleven months since the last elections in Iraq, and still no government!

The news accounts tell us that Sunday they will vote on a few Vice Presidents.


But they yet have to agree on the three ministerial positions that are the most critical of all. As for the budget, the news says they have concluded the second reading, and that this is to come up for the final reading and vote next Tuesday. We will see.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Parliament is getting very angry with PM Maliki and is set to give him the boot tomorrow (Sunday) if he stands in the way of the final formation of the government. It is said that President Talibani will then give Allawi 15 days to form the new government, and that he will keep the present ministers, adding the final 3 to the total. If this happens, the formation of the full government could come quickly next week.

I find this to be of interest because it could happen during the watch dates of the Second Passover, February 14-17. It seems that the outside date would be February 20, which is Sunday, correlating with the wave-sheaf offering for the Second Passover. The important thing is that all of these dates come before February 25, which appears to be a deadline to get things done before the demonstrations begin.

I have long felt that Maliki represents the King of Babylon (Belshazzar of Daniel 5:1). Melek or Malikmeans "king." The diversion of the Euphrates represents the revaluation of the dinar and the transfer of wealth. Drying up the Euphrates in Revelation 16 seems to overlay the prophetic type of both the Red Sea and the Jordan River that were dried up.

So the fact that Mubarak of Egypt has moved to the Red Sea (the city of "charm-a-snake," as I call it) may suggest that we are about to witness the drying up of the Red Sea--which is also the Jordan and the Euphrates from a prophetic viewpoint. There may be yet another event to watch in regard to Mubarak. The news last night informed us that the Egyptians were calling him "Pharaoh." Now that he is at the Red Sea, there may be a secondary event to watch.

As for Iraq, I believe that Maliki will soon be evicted from the position of Prime Minister, whether by assassination or by parliamentary revolt. The prophetic type is in Daniel 5, where Belshazzar is killed, and we know from history that this occurred when the river current (currency) was diverted and dried up.

Cyrus and Darius actually built 180 channels on the Euphrates (on each side of the river) to divert the water. See the fifth paragraph down in the link below:


There are now 180 currencies worldwide that are in use, matching the 180 channels of water to divert the Euphrates.


This provides us with the connection between the Euphrates and currency itself.

One way or another, I think there is a link between the fall of Maliki and the revaluation of the dinar. It is reported that last Wednesday there was a failed assassination attempt on the life of both Maliki and Allawi. Iraqis are becoming impatient. We need to be watchful, especially from now through next week in this season of the Second Passover type.

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