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Middle East Uprising moving to Palestine

Feb 17, 2011


With the Middle East becoming inflamed, I wrote a few weeks ago that this is all part of a bigger event that is brewing. That event is the destruction of Jerusalem and the Israeli state itself. So it is not surprising to see that a resolution is being put forth in the UN to condemn the Israeli settlements in the West Bank as "illegal."

The US administration is trying to head off such wording by offering a lesser solution.

Read my booklet on The 1986 Vision of the Two Gulf Wars. It is posted online in the "Books" section, where you can either read or purchase it, or even download it to your computer and run off a copy for yourself.

A "beast of war" was released during the month of Ramadan (May) of 1986, which ultimately resulted in the first Gulf War, as I described. We held a prayer campaign August 3, 1988 to forestall this, but because the Church did not join with us (lack of faith, i.e., not believing the word) our victory in this prayer battle was only temporary. The "beast" was released a year later on August 3, 1989, and so the following year, Iraq invaded Kuwait (August 3, 1990).

The angel that I saw in the vision in 1986 also spoke of a second beast that was directed against Jerusalem. This one was released on Sept. 11, 2001 when the Twin Towers were demolished. That beast is now nearing the completion of its mission. With the upheaval in the Middle East, conditions are volatile and, I believe, are moving closer to a nuclear war with the Israelis.

All of this fits with Albert Pike's plan from the 1870's in which he proposed three world wars, first to destroy Germany and bring disillusionment with Christianity; second, to create an Israeli state, which would provide the motive and anger necessary for the third war. The third war would supposedly destroy Islam, Judaism, and Christianity to prepare the world for Luciferianism, which was Pike's personal religion.

God is using this plan for His own purposes as well. He is using it to "cast out the bondwoman (Jerusalem) and her son" (Gal. 4:25-30). The sons of Hagar-Jerusalem are any who believe that Jerusalem is the "mother" of the Kingdom. But Hagar in any form can never produce the inheritors of the Kingdom, as Paul says, because she can only bring forth children of the flesh.

Hence, Pike's plan will indeed have a huge effect upon all of the children of Hagar. Judaism considers Jerusalem to be its mother. Islam also wants Jerusalem. Much of Christianity in its own way believes that Jerusalem is the capital of the Kingdom of God in the Age to come. These are all prophetic children of Hagar in one way or another.

One must understand Scripture and history to see how it will all end. I recommend also: The Struggle for the Birthright, which gives a full history of the struggle between Jacob and Esau up to the present time. It's a study unlike any other.

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