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Iraq Parliament takes a week off to prepare for riots and demonstrations

Feb 21, 2011


While Maliki and Allawi enter their final battle royal over the Security ministries, the rest of Parliament has decided to take off a week in order to talk to the angry crowds who are sick of the government's lack of agreement.

They are worse than the Republicans and Democrats in our own government.

It is "crunch time" in Iraq. Will the UN give in to Maliki and allow a currency revaluation BEFORE the final security ministries are in place? Or will Maliki blink first? It appears to be a showdown between Maliki and the UN. US President Obama is thoroughly fed up with Maliki and is ready to throw him under the bus where he belongs.


The news report above says that Maliki's visit last week to Kuwait was to make arrangements for him to run for refuge in case the demonstrators force him out of office like Ben Ali and Mubarak.

In fact, it is being reported that quite a few government officials have gotten plane tickets and some have flown their families out of Iraq already. They are definitely worried.


It appears that this week will tell us where this is going.

Maliki seems to be aspiring to be Saddam's successor.  But he will never be a Nebuchadnezzar, as Saddam saw himself. Maliki is a Belshazzar type. It may be that the RV will occur rather simultaneously with the ousting of our new Belshazzar.

Forget the bad guys. Watch carefully what God does.

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