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Foreign Dignitaries flying to Iraq now for special announcement

Feb 06, 2011

Here is a 20-minute audio conference call giving some interesting details.

The 29th Parliamentary session ended yesterday, and today is a holiday. It seems likely that Parliament would not have ended their session with a holiday so soon after taking off Thursday (along with the weekly day off on Friday), unless they had finished some important business.

They say that dignitaries are flying to Iraq now and "podiums are being built" for some special announcement, perhaps to be done on Monday.


Also, Parliament has approved new tariffs on imported goods, originally scheduled to be imposed on Feb. 15 but now postponed to early March. They must be expecting people to have money to buy imports soon. This has not really been possible up to now, since their currency is so worthless.

Another pressure point is that there are demonstrations being planned for Feb. 25. If something is not done soon, the whole government of Iraq could be thrown out of office as in Tunisia, Jordan, and Egypt.

Let's hope that the foreign dignitaries aren't coming just to drink some tea and share war stories.

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