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Exodus 16, Quail and Manna

Feb 15, 2011

Today is February 15. It is a prophetic parallel of the Second Passover and also to the day that the manna and quail were promised to Moses in Exodus 16. (See 16:1). It appears from Ex. 16:6 that the quail actually came first on the evening of 2/15 (Heb. calendar). Then in the morning the manna arrived (2/16).

Perhaps, then, we will see some sort of manifestation occur this evening and tomorrow.

The quail and manna were promised on the day that came to be known (a year later) as the Second Passover (Num. 9:11). Note that the people were to kill the Passover lambs on the 14th of the SECOND month. No mention is made of the 15th of the month, but to be a second Passover, it implies that the actual DAY of the Second Passover would begin on the evening of the 14th and extend to the following evening (2/15).

Be watchful. We should know what this is about by tomorrow, which is 2/16. This day is also highly significant, because it connects with the prophetic number 216 as well as Exodus 16. (Exodus is the second book of the Bible, hence, it is 2/16.)

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