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Unrest in Egypt

Jan 31, 2011

The President of Tunisia was overthrown on Friday, January 14, 2011 after a month of riots that had begun in mid-December.

At the same that the government of Tunisia fell, people began to demonstrate in front of the Tunisian Embassy in Cairo, Egypt.


These events were important prophetically, because we had already understood that we were to view January as "the first month" in which Passover was to occur (i.e., Jan. 14/15).

Now that we have had opportunity to monitor events in Egypt in the past two weeks, we can begin to see the emerging pattern of Passover events. Though the primary event on January 14 was the exile of the Tunisian president, who fled to Saudi Arabia, it was also the beginning of the current cycle of unrest in Egypt.

Passover was originally associated with the downfall of Egypt in the days of Moses. It appears that we are now witnessing another downfall of the present government of Egypt. The conflict is still ongoing, of course, but I wanted to alert you of this, so that you will be able to "watch" the events with greater understanding.

I published earlier that we were to watch the events of January 28-30, 2011. It appears that the demonstrations in Egypt are the events that we were to watch closely. These watch dates were important because they were the end of a "Watch Cycle" from Dec. 4, 2009 to Jan. 30, 2011.

This cycle began with our Dallas Conference (Dec. 4-6, 2009), where I saw another manifestation of the original cycle that started my new walk with the Lord on Dec. 4, 1981. You can read about that in The Wars of the Lord. It was when I was "crucified" in Las Cruces, NM and spent the next 13 months in the "wilderness." The prayer campaign that brought about all these things ended January 30, 1982.

Toward the end of that cycle, we landed in Batesville, Arkansas on January 23, 1983. I then flew to New Mexico and picked up all of our household belongings that had been in storage for over a year, and brought all of it to Arkansas. I arrived back in Batesville, AR on January 30, 1983.

Because of certain events that had occurred at the Dallas conference Dec. 4, 2009, it was confirmed that we would be seeing a similar cycle repeat, ending Jan. 30, 2011. We have now passed this date and we can look back and see what happened.

This past month has been the Passover month (first month on our calendar). We knew to watch Jan. 14 or 15, because Passover always falls on 1/14 and 1/15 on the Hebrew calendar (Ex. 12:6). The only question was HOW this was going to manifest. We never really know until it actually happens.

It is now apparent that this was the beginning point of the downfall of Egypt. Tomorrow the demonstrators are calling for millions of people to hit the streets, calling for the resignation of President Mubarak. (Is that Mu-Barak?) I heard the news reporters refer to Mubarak as a dictator, king, and even as "Pharaoh." Today the last of the American tourists were evacuated from Egypt, a group of college students from Ohio.

This evacuation is being called "The Mass Exodus."


Keep in mind also that when Israel left Egypt under Moses, they left with the wealth of Egypt, having demanded back pay for their labor and having pulled their IRA accounts from the Bank of Egypt (Ex. 12:35, 36). This may possibly relate today to the revaluation of the dinar. Will this monetary transfer occur around the time that Mubarak is overthrown? I do not know, but it is something to watch.

In the Exodus account, Pharaoh sent the army into the Red Sea after the Israelites, but they were overthrown. Perhaps this time the army will decide to disobey Pharaoh and let him try to survive the Red Sea crossing by himself. If the army sides with the demonstrators against Mubarak, he will have no choice but to flee the country.

So be watchful. 

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones