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Thoughts on the Dragon Wars of 1996-1999

Jan 22, 2011

A significant portion of our Jubilee Prayer campaign was taken up by the "Dragon Wars" from Sept. 1996 to Sept. 1999. In those battles we saw that China figured prominently. These battles were not directed against China as a nation, but rather on behalf of China in order to overcome the forces of "spiritual wickedness in high places."

I am writing this blog from home today, so I do not have a copy of The Wars of the Lord to document the details. But yet I recall that each September from 1996-1999 the heavens portrayed Virgo, the Virgin, giving birth to the moon for the first time in historical memory. In other words, the moon passed from her womb to her feet while the woman was "clothed with the sun." This was the word picture given to us in Revelation 12.

These birthing signs began in September of 1996, the same month of our 120th Jubilee declaration according to the Hezekiah Factor (1986-1996).

We also understood from Revelation 12 that the "red dragon" would seek to devour the Manchild as soon as he was born. Back in Jesus' day this was manifested in King Herod, who attempted to kill the Christ Child when He was born in Bethlehem. Herod was half-Edomite, and Edom means "red." He was the physical manifestation (or counterpart) of the red dragon.

And so, our Jubilee declaration in 1996 was the legal declaration of the birth of the Manchild, the "nation born in a day," as Isaiah says. Hence, the three years of "Dragon Wars" from 1996-1999 were designed to protect this new nation--the Kingdom Nation--even as Jesus was taken to Egypt for His protection, and even as Moses was taken into the house of Pharaoh for his protection.

These battles began with the Jubilee Declaration and ended with Jesus' 2000th birthday on the night of September 11, 1999.

By late June of 1997, we saw that these Dragon Wars were to take place in "three rounds," as pictured by the Tyson-Holyfield boxing match June 28, 1997. Holyfield represented the "Holy Field," where "the field is the world." In other words, he represented the Kingdom that was to spread throughout the whole world. Tyson, who had a large tattoo on his shoulder of Mao Tse Tung (China), represented the Red Dragon. In this battle, Tyson was disqualified in the third round after biting off more than he could chew.

(It is nice when they label themselves, so that we do not have to guess who they represent.)

The Dragon Wars ended with a prayer campaign that began on August 20, 1999 called "Dragon's End." The main enemies that we overthrew were the red dragon and Apollyon or Abaddon, "the Prince of Persia."

At the time, we understood that we were to watch China and Iran (Persia), but lacked details about how this would play out on the world scene. Today things are clearer. Iran has been in the headlines in the past few years and are portrayed as the great "enemy," due to their nuclear energy program which might be converted into nuclear weaponry. And, of course, China has also arisen as a new economic power in the world that is now rich enough to develop its own stealth technology that can challenge the USA.

These are the primary components of today's "Kings of the East." They are the enemies of Mystery Babylon, which has dominated the world from the Western nations for most of the last century.

The Jubilee Prayer campaign was directed against Mystery Babylon. It was designed to change the spiritual atmosphere in the West and to overthrow the spiritual forces in control of Western leaders and governments. These wars were not designed to destroy the nations but to set them free from the spiritual bondage under which the people were laboring.

The same principle applies when fighting the Dragon Wars. While it is natural to think of these wars as being directed against Iran and China, the truth is that we were fighting to liberate both of those nations as well from the power of darkness.

In the end, all of creation is awaiting this liberty of the sons of God, as Paul says in Romans 8. This includes all nations, because Jesus Christ intends to rule all nations by the time this is done.

Thus, the overthrow of Apollyon and the red dragon does NOT mean that Iran and China will be destroyed or defeated in some world war. Rather it means that they will be established and have their place in the Kingdom of God under Jesus Christ. Our prayer, then, was to make them Christian Nations. Our prayers were joined with the 100 million + Christians that are already in China, who pray daily for their country.

In the end, our prayer for China and Iran was to set them free from the red dragon and Apollyon, and to anoint them as Kings of the East, in order to empower them to set us free from the spiritual darkness of Mystery Babylon that rules the West.

Remember that we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against spiritual principalities and powers and rulers of darkness. Those who simply fight against flesh and blood only end up making the problem worse. Killing a million "bad guys" will not solve the problem, because God will see to it that two million worse guys will take their place.

Our job is to set the nations free, not to fight the nations. Fighting carnally may seem like the patriotic thing to do, but it is not our calling as overcomers. Our patriotism is to the Kingdom of God first. Our loyalty is first to Jesus Christ and then to the authorities on earth that He has established. And the overall law is that as far as possible, be at peace with all men (Rom. 14).

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones