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Jan 24, 2011

It is being reported that Donald Trump is investing $30 million in Iraqi dinars. I presume that he did his homework beforehand and found it to be a worthy investment.


On another note, it appears now that there is no direct connection between the Global Settlements and the revaluation of the dinar. They may be related in some way, but so far that link is not confirmed.

Likewise, many have been linking the Global Settlements to NESARA. They are not the same thing.

It is even more confusing that the original idea of NESARA, as promoted by Dr. Harvey Barnard beginning in the 1960's, was later hijacked and altered by others, who claimed that Congress secretly passed a bill under this name. They apparently used the idea to defraud people of money.


If we don't throw all of these things into one basket, I think we will understand the situation better. Even so, I do not want to get too side-tracked. Some focus their whole lives on those things.

I don't know all the answers, and I may be wrong, but I believe that the Settlements are for real. Just keep them distinct from NESARA. I am currently looking deeper into this and will let you know if I find any new information that is useful.

Romans Book

Meanwhile, having finished the series on Romans, I am now looking at the rather monumental task of putting these into book form. It is obvious that these will be put into 2 volumes, the first being chapters 1-8, and the second being chapters 9-16.

The downside of writing so much is that I have more "raw material" than I have time to put into book form. Right now I have the old series on Revelation to put into book form, plus the Exodus Book of Psalms, and now Romans. Perhaps at some point I will have to slow down on the blog-writing and spend more time catching up on the book work.

California Conference

I don't have the paperwork signed and sealed yet, but it appears that we will be hosting our yearly California conference in San Francisco from March 10-13. I will let you know the details later this week, God willing.

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