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Is the FED being overthrown by China?

Jan 20, 2011

This is a link to a 90-minute audio discussion that many of you will find enlightening. It shows how the dinar revaluation is tied to the World Global Settlements program that concerned Christopher Story before he was murdered last July.

This has to do with a $47 Trillion fund (plus interest, which now totals over $60 Trillion), which was accumulated in various ways (mostly stolen) from the Soviet Union back in the 1980's in order to bankrupt and destroy the Soviet Union. It worked, of course, but since then, as the story goes, certain parties have attempted to steal those funds. This has tied them up for a long time, when in fact $6.2 Trillion was to be put into the US Treasury to issue a new form of currency, Treasury Notes, which were to replace Federal Reserve Notes.

These new Treasury Notes were to be backed by gold, silver, and other metals, replacing the "fiat money" of the Fed.

Another $14 Trillion was to be given to US companies and citizens, mainly farmers.

If the stories are true, it would seem that powerful men in our own government and banking system successfully resisted this in the attempt to steal the cash for themselves. But then in recent years the banks made the mistake of selling a pile of toxic mortgages to other countries, and when those other nations discovered the fraud, the G-20 began to resist the Fed's domination.

This money is to be used to refund the other nations and to "reboot" the whole banking system that has gone toxic in the past decade. From the report in the above audio interviews, the G-19, which is the G-19 minus the US, determined seven years ago to get rid of the Fed. And because of China's rise in power, they have led the fight to bring down the Fed.

The Fed is fighting back, of course, trying to make it appear that China is working against Americans, when, in fact, the Fed is their target. China is actually helping the average American in this manner, though certainly American people are being negatively affected by this economic war. As they say, "when elephants fight, the grass gets trampled."

China's Hu Jintao is currently here to discuss trade and economic matters. At least, that is the cover story. We will have to watch events play out in the days and weeks ahead to see the real purpose of his visit.

Apparently, the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar has been held up by the fight over these Global Settlements. The two issues are said to be tied together, apparently because this is where quite a bit of the money is coming from. Or perhaps China and the G-20 does not want the Fed to benefit from this revaluation. I wonder if the 7-10 Trillion dinars held by the Fed are being taken from them and given to the Treasury Department, so that the US Government benefits, rather than the private banking corporation known as the Federal Reserve.

I suspect that the Fed has been fighting for its life, and this could mark the beginning of the end of the Fed as we know it.

This is, of course, something that I believe is the overthrow of Babylon by the hands of the Kings of the East. Goldman Sach's Mr. Blankfein was "doing God's work," but so is Mr. Hu Jintao. Blankfein was busy making Goldman's name stink, and Hu Jintao is lighting the match. God is using both of them for His purposes, much like He did with old Babylon and Medo-Persia.

If all of this has any truth to it at all, then what we are witnessing is the overthrow of Mystery Babylon ("hidden, secret"), and the overthrow itself is largely "secret" and coming at the hidden hand of China and other Kings of the East.

Fed propaganda, of course, has tried to make it look like the Federal Reserve Bank is actually "federal" and that in fighting the Fed, these other countries are trying to overthrow America. But that is not the case. Every other country has an interest in the stability and prosperity of their greatest customer. Without the American consumer buying their exports, their economies would collapse overnight--including the economy of China.

In other words, the greatest enemy of the America people is not China, but our own Federal Reserve Bank and its Class-A stockholders, the Western banking families.

In the days of the prophet Daniel, God raised up a "messiah" named Cyrus (Isaiah 45:1) to set the people and to allow Judah to return to their land and rebuild Jerusalem (45:13). Today this is being replayed with new characters, and with a "hidden" (mystery) agenda. The sovereignty of God is again being demonstrated in the fact that God uses non-Christians to accomplish His plan.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones