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Gleaning Truth from Unlikely Sources

Jan 21, 2011

In reading reports from around the world, it is often difficult to sort out fact from fiction. Likewise, to stay with "Christian" sources and to refuse to read other sources would greatly limit our knowledge of world events. So I find myself reading reports written by people from one end of the spectrum to the other.

There is often newsworthy truth that is reported by some pretty unlikely sources. Sometimes truth is presented in a very unchristian way. For example, some sources believe in extra-terrestrials and are very much into the government conspiracies to "hide" their development of such technology. Others insult government leaders for the illegal, greedy, or ambitious things that they  are alleged to be doing.

In my view, we should not speak evil of the rulers of our people (Ex. 22:28), even if we think that they "deserve it." For this reason, I have been quite limited in my ability to pass on certain information to you. When that information is couched in vile language, even if true, it is so defiled that it is unfit to "eat."

When I posted the article about the World Global Settlements, many of you read beyond the article and got bogged down in extra-terrestrial stuff and the god "Aton" (or Hatonn). Those who follow these false gods have their own political agendas that are not good. They often use truth to their own ends, and in our search for truth, we cannot help but run into them often.

The question is what to do about this. As for myself, I have taken the time to study their origins and motives, because I want to know how they fit into the PROBLEM and to see also what solutions they propose. Because they are part of the problem, I need to know about them in order to factor them into the world situation.

No matter what we read, we must always take into account the bias of the writers and who they work for. This goes for the "mainstream" news as well, which deliberately hides things that are of the greatest importance. It is not so much the journalists themselves, but the editors of the newspapers, who restrict the journalists.

Some of you expressed concern about NESARA. This was a bill that was never introduced formally to Congress, but it was based upon something deeper and is related to the World Global Settlements program. These Global Settlements are the world's attempt to fix the banking problem. Will they succeed? Yes and No, but we ought to watch as events unfold.

An even deeper issue is what God is doing in all of this. My premise is based upon the prophecy of the collapse of Mystery Babylon, which I take to be a world system and way of life. Its life blood is money and banking. Its politics is as diverse and confusing as the languages of Babel in Gen. 11. It has run its course over the past centuries, and its latest venture, centered in the Federal Reserve, is now imploding.

What will replace it? The Kingdom of God. But the real question is the process by which this will manifest. God works more slowly than the Iraqi Parliament at the speed of government. The rapture idea has conditioned most Christians to think in immediate terms. They think in terms of the coming of Christ, which changes everything immediately without any transitions.

It has already taken Babylon many years to fall. Our Jubilee Prayer campaign in Nov. 1993 saw the first visible sign a year later in 1994 with the passage of GATT, a free trade agreement, which brought about the economic rise of China. It took time for China to rise high enough to challenge America, but now we see China as one of the "Kings of the East" fulfilling the prophecies of Rev. 16:12 according to the pattern of Medo-Persia in the days of Daniel.

The point is that it took time for the Kings of the East to gain strength to challenge Babylon in the West. It did not happen overnight.

I expect at some point to see the feast of Tabernacles fulfilled in the overcomers. I believe that this will involve a great change in the overcomers, and it will be accomplished in a moment of time, in the same way that Pentecost changed everything in Acts 2. Yet the rest of the world will be changed more gradually as the result of the overcomers' influence and work in the earth.

The World Global Settlements represent a paradigm shift in the entire world economy among the nations. Many currencies will be revalued, some up and some down, in order to achieve greater equilibrium in trade. The main thing that these Settlements will accomplish is the shift from fiat currency to metals-based currency. I suspect (and hope) that this will also remove private ownership of the central banks and return the power to issue money back into the hands of the people (government) where it belongs.

The pattern found in Daniel and Isaiah shows us that Medo-Persia is not only Phase 2 of the world empires, but is also a type of the Kingdom, ruled by Cyrus, "the anointed" (messiah). In some way, God is using the modern Kings of the East for His purposes, just as He used them in ancient times. If we understand this, we will not fear the divine plan but see it as God's way of delivering His people.

Most other news sources have their own agendas to push, and have their own biases to contend with, but we ought to learn how to glean the facts even from unlikely sources, so that we can better understand the outworking of the divine plan. Most men sell fear, because they cannot see beyond the conspiracies of men. They do not understand the divine plan, nor do they give more than lip service to the idea of God's sovereignty--if they believe in the true God at all.

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