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Brazil flood victims raised from the dead

Jan 25, 2011


This is an interesting article about a group of Spirit-filled believers who reportedly raised 16 flood victims from the dead on January 15.

Last year was the year of earthquakes, associated with the "Passover New Year" word. This year appears to be the year of floods (Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and southern California), which could point to an imminent outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

If this report is true, it would provide evidence (sprinkles) of a "latter rain."

These 16 people are said to have been raised from the dead on January 15,, which is 1/15 on our calendar. It is a parallel to 1/15 on the Hebrew calendar, which is Passover. We had insight earlier this month that we were to watch 1/14 and 1/15 as Passover signs, but nothing tangible seemed to occur. Perhaps this is what we were looking for.

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Category: News Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones