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The Cyber War between Babylon and Media

Dec 09, 2010

The war between Babylon and Media is heating up. It appears that it is taking the form of a Cyber War. At least, that is what they are now calling it.


We should be aware of this battleground so that we can avoid getting caught in the crossfire. I suspect that this could be the beginning of the end of many aspects of the internet, especially its use by the banking system and perhaps even national defense.

National governments have been using the internet for some years now in selective wars, but have done so in secret. In the past couple of months, for example, Iran's nuclear program suffered a setback because of a virus in their computer network. The Israelis were presumed to be behind the attack.

The Wikileaks postings have brought the governments of the world into the war. Without those postings, it is doubtful if the rape accusations against Julian Assange would have amounted to more than a local dispute. But his "leaks" have made him an international enemy, and governments will use everything possible as an excuse to take revenge upon him.

Watch for new definitions of "terrorism" to come out of all this. We are already in danger of reclassifying numerous normal "crimes" as acts of "terrorism." Even now, a simple robbery can be classified as terrorism, if the robber makes the victim fearful. In times of fear, governments always increase penalties for crime, and crime is whatever displeases or threatens the government. In such cases, freedom of dissent, which is a cherished American liberty, is threatened. Dissent is treated as sedition, and dissenters all have government files for future use.

This may affect our ability to teach the Scriptures as well. Precedents are being laid down even now to make certain religious beliefs illegal and subject to prosecution. They are using the Koran to establish these precedents, since that is the easiest to prosecute, due to the numbers of Islamic clerics who call for "jihad" wars. As those precedents are set, they will be applied later to the very Christians who had called for anti-Islamic laws.

I have long believed that the climactic days of Mystery Babylon would see two things emerge: First, Babylon will struggle to stay in power, and this will create dangerous situations for the people; second, the Spirit of the Lord will be poured out in a greater way so that we will be empowered to overcome all things in dangerous times.

I believe we are now seeing the first stages of both of the above scenarios. Babylon's power is carnal, ours is spiritual. Let us always keep in mind that we do not war against flesh and blood. Our warfare is spiritual and is therefore more powerful than anything that a carnal government or army could produce. Do not be drawn into carnal fights. Leave the jihads to the carnally-minded religions. Our weapons are the fruit of the spirit, for we overcome by the power of love and forgiveness--not hate and revenge.

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Category: News Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones