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Mount Carmel Fire

Dec 03, 2010


For many years we have been expecting this Elijah Showdown sign. Years ago we thought it would come to northern Minnesota after the great blowdown of 23 million trees. That was a fire disaster just waiting for a lightning strike. But it never happened.

Since September of 2007, when we first received revelation of the coming of the time of Elijah, we have wondered about the time of the Showdown in 1 Kings 18. "The God who answers by fire, let Him be God" (18:24).

So it has finally come, and it is at the same location where Elijah met with the prophets of King Ahab (1 Kings 18:20).

We will have to watch this situation closely, because it is no doubt related to the revelation of "San Francisco on Fire" and the fact that we are expecting to see the fire of God (baptism of fire) come in a big way soon.

It may also be relevant that this was Elijah's last major ministry work before turning it over to Elisha for the double portion to be worked out.

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Category: News Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones