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Many White Buffalo being born since 1994

Dec 06, 2010

When "Miracle" was born on August 20, 1994, it caused much excitement. Miracle was a white buffalo, the first in many years.


Then others began to be born spontaneously, particularly since 1997. Now there is a whole herd of them (11 so far) in Oregon.

Among buffalo -- more properly known as American bison -- white ones are so unusual that some Native American tribes consider them sacred. No one seems to know how many exist, but ranching experts estimate fewer than 50 live in the United States. 

And 11 of them are part of a central Oregon herd of 14 buffalo. They roam 288 acres of isolated juniper forest east of Bend and are believed to be the world's largest collection of white buffalo. . . .

The story of the Oregon herd began in Flagstaff, Ariz. That's where the first of the white buffalo was born in 1997 into a small herd of black bison owned by Dena Riley and her husband, Jim. Not long afterward, another was born, and another and another.


The sheer number of white buffalo being born since 1994 seems to defy all odds. They are not albinos, but actually white, some even having blue eyes. These are considered to be signs of soon-coming restoration and deliverance among Native Americans.

I think so, too, considering the fact that we engaged in the Jubilee Prayer Campaign in November of 1993. Likewise, back in 1984 the Lord spoke to me in a somewhat obscure manner about the importance of August 20 as a "ministry date." Ten years later (the Hezekiah Factor), the first white buffalo named Miracle was born. I think this has everything to do with the ministry of intercession and spiritual warfare that we have been doing since 1993.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones