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Dinar Update

Dec 02, 2010

I talked to Brother Vinnie on the phone today, and he gave me a report on the number of orders he has been receiving for Iraqi dinars as the result of my recommendation in October.

He asked me to thank all of you who have ordered dinars through him, since this helps a lot in funding the work of the Kingdom.

With the new Government of Iraq nearly formed (Maliki says Dec. 10-15), it appears that the country will soon be removed finally from chapter vii of the UN sanctions imposed upon them 20 years ago. That, we believe, is the final hurdle that must be crossed before Iraq can achieve full financial sovereignty once again. Also, all of the Iraqi assets in America that were frozen in 1990 will be released, and this will restore about $1 Trillion to the wealth of Iraq.

When Iraq emerges fully, they will be a country with very little debt, since 80% of their national and war debts have been forgiven. And with the continual sale of oil and natural gas contracts, their exports will be able to support a strong and healthy revaluation of their currency.

If you want to order more dinar or talk to Vinnie about this, his phone number is:


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones