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Cursed Time for Iraq Ending

Dec 16, 2010

I had posted an earlier blog that had some incorrect dates in it, so I am revising it here.

When Iraq invaded Kuwait on the night of August 2, 1990, it resulted in UN Sanctions, the most important of which was UN Resolution 661, imposed on August 6, 1990. To see the effects of this particular sanction, go to:


Take note that Resolution 661 stopped Iraq's ability to do international business by transferring funds to buy or pay for imports:

The Council therefore decided that states should prevent:

(a) the import of all products and commodities originating in Iraq or Kuwait;
(b) any activities by their nationals or in their territories that would promote the export of products originating in Iraq or Kuwait, as well as the transfer of funds to either country for the purposes of such activities;
(c) the sale of weapons or other military equipment to Iraq and Kuwait, excluding humanitarian aid;
(d) the availability of funds or other financial or economic resources to either country, or to any commercial, industrial or public utility operating within them, except for medical or humanitarian purposes.

This is what crashed the value of the Iraqi dinar from over $3 to less than a penny. Their currency became just a local currency and could no longer be traded internationally. This was accomplished by Resolution 661 above, which has just been lifted as of yesterday.

It was then drawn to my attention that Iraq has been under Cursed Time since 1990 and was soon coming out of it. I was going to do the math myself, but a reader beat me to it and then emailed me the result. It seems that Iraq has been under Cursed Time for 18 periods of 414 days.

August 2, 1990 to Dec. 26/27, 2010 ( dating from the invasion of Kuwait)

August 6, 1990 to Dec. 30/31, 2010 (dating from UN Resolution 661)

August 9, 1990 to January 2/3, 2011 (dating from the annexation of Kuwait)

Each of the above dates in 1990 have UN resolutions associated with them. The first was to condemn the invasion; the second to impose sanctions as listed above; the third was to condemn the annexation of Kuwait.

All three of the above time cycles (18 x 414) end in the next two weeks, making them all watch dates, particularly in regard to Iraq and the UN Security Council meeting yesterday.

You can quickly calculate the number of days between dates by going to:


January 3, 2011 is important because it is 490 years from Martin Luther's excommunication from the Roman Church. Prophetically speaking, it marks the start of the Church coming out of Egypt. Luther's emphasis was on justification by faith in the blood of the Lamb, and this was his Passover revelation. His excommunication was like the Church coming out of the house of bondage at Passover.

God has been bringing the Church from Egypt to the Promised Land since then in a repeat performance of the story of Moses and Israel. We are now 490 years later, ready to bring the Church into Blessed Time.

The number 18 signifies "bondage, oppression."

The number 414 signifies "Cursed Time."

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