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Your sons and daughters will prophesy

Nov 21, 2010

Yesterday I attended an all-day meeting in Wisconsin that focused upon "Manifesting His Glory." This seems to have set me up for revelation as I awoke this morning.

As you recall, today, November 21, is a Watch Date revealed about three weeks ago, along with Nov. 28-30. It is based largely upon the start of the Jubilee Prayer Campaign 17 years ago (Nov. 21-29, 1993), in which we prayed to overthrow Babylon and to petition for Joseph's Birthright on behalf of the overcomers.

My series in the book of Romans has now taken us into Romans 8, which speaks of the practical application of the two "I's" and more specifically of the Christian life that is identified with the Christ-Identity in us.

Today's revelation tells me (and perhaps you as well) that as sons and daughters of God, we are to prophesy to the Christ in us, that we may KNOW truly who we are as sons and daughters of God. It is a declaration of identity, a recognition of the New Creation Man in each of us, that will not only establish by law this identification, but also will empower that inner man to emerge, come to birth, and to increase its functional authority in the earth.

This is not something that we should merely THINK in our minds, although we certainly ought to contemplate this during idle moments. It is important to prophesy this aloud, preferably in front of a mirror, where you can look yourself in the eyes and speak it into your ears. There is something about our soul's construction that needs to hear and see in order to truly believe what the Spirit commands.

So look in the mirror and prophesy to "the real you" this way:

Prophetic Declaration of Identity

You are a son [or daughter] of God, begotten by the Holy Spirit, a child of the Promise. You have been given the Birthright with all of the blessings of heaven and earth at your disposal, to be used in accordance with the divine plan that the Spirit is outworking in the earth daily.

As part of the Body of Christ, positioned under the Head, you have been given all authority in both heaven and in earth. It is your calling to have dominion over the creation itself and to exercise that authority as Jesus Christ did when He ministered in the earth. You have authority over time and distance, governments, principalities and powers, nature, disease, and death itself.

You are the righteousness of God in Christ, called to show forth the glory of God to every creature, that all may know both the character and the works of God through YOU. So come forth this day and subdue all things under your feet. Bring order out of chaos, deliverance from bondage, light out of darkness, health out of sickness, and life out of death.

You may be led to make some additions to this as well. As you can see, I was specifically told to make this a prophecy, rather than a simple declaration of who "I" am. In doing so, it is more like someone walking up to you and prophesying to you under the anointing of the Spirit. I suggest that whenever you come to the word "you", that you point to yourself and emphasize that word, because, after all, that this the whole point of this declaration.

I believe this takes the form of a double witness, so that we are not merely bearing witness of ourselves but are, in effect, acting as a "John the Baptist," bearing witness as to the identity of Christ. John 1:7 says that he "came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light."

In the days ahead, as we exercise the authority of the Birthright, we will see the gradual removal of the curse that has been upon the earth since Adam. Rev. 22:3 says that in the end, "and there shall be no more curse." The next verse says, "and they see His face; and His name shall be in their foreheads."

You are the New Jerusalem, the dwelling place of God, where He has chosen to place His Name ever since He forsook both Shiloh and the old Jerusalem (Jer. 7:12-14).

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