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Watch Date November 12

Nov 13, 2010

The Iraqi parliament finally met on Thursday, Nov. 11 to elect a president so that he, in turn, could formally ask Maliki to form a cabinet. Maliki has 30 days in which to form a cabinet, and if successful, he will then be the Prime Minister.

There was one final dispute which caused Allawi's party to walk out temporarily. It appears from the article above that they had about three false starts before parliament finally had enough members in attendance to convene on Thursday night.

"A parliamentary session that finally convened on Thursday night after postponing three times to ensure the presence of maximum number of MPs witnessed dramatic scenes before passing through the crucial procedures required to complete the breaking of the political deadlock."

We can view Thursday night as the beginning of Friday the 12th.

November 12, 21, and 28-30 are our main watch dates this month. I was quite sure these would involve Iraq, because that nation is bound up in the prophecy of the moment. But because Friday is the Muslim holy day, it was not likely that parliament would meet on the 12th, so I thought perhaps the watch date might come a day early. As it turned out, they had three false starts on Thursday and finally settled down to business on Thursday night, the beginning of November 12 by biblical time.

Here is the background of our watch dates:

If you have read The Wars of the Lord (posted online), you will see that Nov. 12, 1981 was the starting point of the first prayer battle of the Net of Prayer. It changed my life as well and caused me to seek God and to hear His voice. When I broke through in 1982, He told me that I was "like Joseph" and would be in the dungeon for 12 years.

This 12-year period had a shorter 12-month time frame as well, but it was still 12 years before God would allow me to enter fully into the ministry for which He was training me. Hence, it was not until November 21-29, 1993 that I was allowed to lead the New Net of Prayer into battle in our Jubilee Prayer Campaign. This was 12 years and 9 days from Nov. 12, 1981.

Keep in mind that this was a "Joseph" cycle that I had to experience in my training period.

Secondly, the specific dates of the prayer campaign were set because 46 years earlier the Palestinian Resolution had been introduced to the UN on Nov. 21, 1947 and had been passed on Nov. 29, 1947. This was the point where Jacob gave the Birthright back to Esau-Edom's descendants in order to fulfill Isaac's prophecy. Esau's descendants had been conquered and absorbed into Jewry in 126-125 B.C., and so the Jews had to fulfill this prophecy.

They were given 46 years from 1947-1993, even as it took 46 years to build Herod's temple (John 2:20). Herod was half Judean and half Edomite and represented the nation quite well back in his day. In fact, his dual ancestry was the reason the Romans made him the king, because he could represent both people.

In 1993 we saw that the Jewish State had completed its 46 years, and so we went before the Divine Court to file a complaint that the Birthright holders had not fulfilled the responsibilities entrusted to them, but had instead used the Birthright to rob, oppress, and kill people--particularly the Palestinians. In other words, their methods were as carnal as those of Esau.

So we appealed to the Divine Court on Nov. 29, 1993, asking that the Birthright be given to the overcomers--the true inheritors of the Birthright, who would use it to establish the Kingdom in righteousness and with equal justice for all. In one sense, the overcomers are Jacob-Israel, but also they are the Joseph company.

We received Word at that time that our petition was heard and that we had won our appeal. Nonetheless, this Jubilee Prayer Campaign was also like a Jericho march (13 times around the city). Thus, even though we had been given the Birthright by Divine Decree, we still would have to overcome our rivals in order to actually obtain it. This was like Israel being given the land of Canaan when they crossed the Jordan into the plains of Jericho--but then they had to fight the Canaanites in order to actually inherit the Kingdom.

So also with us. This turned out to be a 13-year prayer campaign that ended Oct. 7, 2006 when we poured out the seventh bowl of water and wine at Babylon, NY and decreed, "It is done."

Financial Babylon has been crashing since then, as we predicted in October of 2006. So now, after four years of financial disintegration, the G-20 is meeting in Seoul, South Korea to try to head off trade and currency wars. It has been the most acrimonious gathering yet, and President Obama found virtually everyone against him as he tried to defend the Fed policy of Quantitative Easing (QE2).

I found it highly significant that the G-20 would meet on November 12.

This is also 17 years from 1993. Joseph was 17 when he got his Birthright coat of many colors. Then he lost it when he was sold as a slave into Egypt. He regained it later when he revealed to his father that he was alive and well. Jacob was 130 when Joseph again received the promise of the Birthright. Hence, when Jacob died 17 years later at the age of 147, the Birthright then was actually transferred to Joseph.

Prophetically speaking, we received the promise in 1993, and now, 17 years later, we are poised to actually receive the Birthright.

But if this is the year of Jacob's passing, then by extending the type Jacob should have been born in 1863, which is 147 years ago.

On January 1, 1863 the Emancipation Proclamation was decreed which freed the slaves. The slaves saw this as their "coming out of Egypt." In other words, it was like a second historic Passover to them, and 147 years later, Oklahoma Bob was given revelation that Jan. 1, 2010 would be a "New Year's Passover." We did not fully understand it at the time, but now we can see that it is connected to the Emancipation Proclamation 147 years earlier.

The life of Jacob, then, can be seen as extending three Jubilee cycles from 1863-2010. Certainly, the slaves in 1863 saw this as their great Jubilee. And on September 28, 2009 we were led to proclaim that year (2009-2010) as a Jubilee Year, not really knowing HOW it could be a Jubilee year. Now we see it in terms of the life of Jacob-Israel.

So now it is 17 years since our Jubilee Prayer Campaign in 1993, where the overcomers received the Birthright BY PROMISE. This is why Nov. 21-29 (28-30) is our time to watch in 2010. We believe that we have already actually received the Birthright, but we are also looking for the double portion, by which the terms of the Birthright may be implemented.

The double portion is twofold--the spiritual blessings of heaven, and also the earthly blessings. The double portion is bound up in the idea of merging the quail and manna. (See FFI for October 2010.) It is the blessing of knowing the divine plan, combined with the glory of God. The earthly blessing is the double witness--both a sign and the means of implementation.

I believe that the double portion is the 9th sign of Elisha at the end of 2 Kings 4, where the barley bread is multiplied. Last July we saw the 8th sign fulfilled, which equalled the 8 miracles of Elijah. We now await the double portion of Elisha, which involve the final 8 signs. This is the double portion given to Elisha.

These are a few thoughts going through my head while I am home-bound, due to a snowstorm. For a weather report, listen to Christmas music. The weather outside is frightful.

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