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The restored Republic of the United States of America is now complete

Nov 16, 2010

As of Sunday, November 14, 2010 the Republic's three branches of government are now fully seated. If this venture proves successful, then this will be an important historic date, the new Fourth of July.

Here is a letter announcing this:

The Republic of the united States of America

Regarding: Update from the offices of the Press Information Department for the Republic of the united States of America

To ALL Americans:

We are proud to announce the following information.  The numbers relating to the gathering of this weekend and the reasons for the need for the private session will be released this week with more detail.  The Utah republic event was a HISTORIC event and will change the world as we know it.

This weekend the majority of the republics came to Utah at the invite of the Utah republic.  Our President James Timothy Turner was an invited guest and now has in his possession a bill that was passed with a unanimous vote of the People that will forever change our country.

What this means is that the joint session of Congress for the Republic of the united States of America spent this weekend working on the foundational documents for our new Republic.   The Congress is now completely seated and fully in place with an operating/foundational document that is awaiting the President’s Signature. 

Congratulations Americans, you now have serious hope in the fact that the People that you placed into these positions of servants as the Republic House and Senate, have done their job in seating our Republic.

Thank you to our President James Timothy Turner for his dedication and love for America.  Thank you to Ambassador Steve Brooks, Loretta Johnson, Governor Ted Lee, the Utah Tech Team  and to the entire Utah republic for putting on this event.   Thank you to the Speaker of the House Mark Lounsbury, the temporary Senate Pro Tem Bret Wayne Greenwood, and all of the Senate and House of Representatives for giving us hope and a new life in this lawful and completed procedures.

*None of the contents of the foundational document or the meeting can be shared.  We are asking for the Senate and House of Representatives to continue their support of the privacy nature of these events and of this historic document. 

God Bless America,

Kelby-Thomas; Smith

Media Relations Department:

(269) 978-5630  Fax:  (949) 416-2623

Email:  info@republicoftheunitedstates.org 

Website:  http://www.RepublicoftheunitedStates.org   How to Sign up On-Line

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