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Report from San Francisco

Nov 22, 2010

A friend named David has been "spying out the land" in San Francisco this past week. Recall that we are planning a conference in late January (or perhaps February) in that area again. Anyway, here is the latest report, which I thought you would find interesting.

I was led today to a busy tourist part of town. The leading was clear. What did I find there? Two religious Christians standing on milk crates yelling and screaming at all of the poor people who were there waiting for a cable car. What did I do? What I was led to do. I confronted those guys about what they were preaching and the heart behind it all (clanging gongs). What happened? These guys turned on me with everything that they had --  the wrath of the religious spirit. I think that these guys would have stoned me if they could find some rocks around. Their preaching then turned into a matter of stoning me with words. From their milk-box pulpits they pointed me out to the crowd and labeled me as "a liar and a deceiver!!!" My, oh my .. how grieving. It was ugly. I think that I'd rather hang with the murderers and drug dealers in the Tenderloin ... they're much nicer.



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