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Peace dies quietly in Palestine

Nov 15, 2010


We have focused more upon Iraq than upon the Palestinian peace process in recent months, but understand that the Israelis are drawing very close to the precipice of war.

Their refusal to halt settlements on Palestinian land has finally brought the peace process to a dismal end. This is not a surprise to us. I have predicted this from the beginning, basing my view on the prophecies of the inevitable destruction of Jerusalem.

If there were still any hope of peace, both sides would be shouting to gain sympathy from someone--anyone out there. But the silence is deafening. And silence is the last cold stage of war preparation.

The flash point will probably be Lebanon. Regardless of the immediate causes of war, or who attacks who first, war between Israel and Lebanon will automatically draw Syria and Iran into the war because of military alliances. What Jordan and Egypt may do about it is another matter, but it will be hard for them to remain neutral in view of the collapse of the peace talks with the Palestinians.

Also, keep in mind that Turkey is no longer counted among the dwindling circle of "Friends of Israel." The Israelis alienated them by killing humanitarian aid workers as an act of piracy on the high seas. Europe dislikes them, and when Obama speaks, the Israelis turn up the loud music.

The Israelis have placed their confidence in their nuclear arsenal, but angry religious fanatics are not easily deterred by Israeli threats of nuclear destruction. Israel may yet find it necessary to exercise the "Samson option."

We need to keep a close watch on these developments. I don't think that war is imminent, but it is much closer than it used to be.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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